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Eric with a c.  ✨ just a homosexual misfit. I stan for @3kdong

One day I met up with him and I left my phone in his car and I did "Find My iPhone" and I searched exactly where he was. And I waited there to see where the fuck he was gon' come out of.

प्यार का त्योहार

‪I got something for each one of those raggedy ass bitches‬.

At least I don't do crystal meth all night long in the bathroom, bitch.

No matter how many Chanel bags you borrow, you will never be a lady

When I was modeling in New York during 9/11 people were dying but I still worked it and was fierce

happy bday bb 👽

happy birthday @beard_crumbs

those shoulders should match them hips, but they don't so

This bitch needs to drink some milk so she can get her bones strong before she steps up to me.

After you stole my coat, I did a little research. You're a whore!

I'm about to start swinging.

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