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Erica Hernandez  A picture is worth a thousand words and that's way more characters than Twitter. Follow my 2018 char/day journey @365ericas

Baby’s first Mindy pic. Early birthday present. ❄️❄️🎉🎉
📸 @withreservation
And thanks for letting me rant about the grave issue that is men who use too much hair gel #idontthinksohoney #lasculturistas

So freaking excited!! Come see me rant out all my RAGE for one whole minute which is a minute longer than I usually spend dealing with anger Wwohooooo!!! #idontthinksohoney

Los Profesores ¡en vacaciones!, 2018

LOS PROFESORES ¡EN VACACIONES! **LAST SHOW** tomorrow at 9:30 PM. Your last chance to learn Spanish honestly maybe. * *not verified

EVERYONE: VOTE!!! But also leaving this here for all my Texans. Please consider voting for Beto. This isn’t a single issue election, it’s a MANY issue election and it’s one that requires both empathy and an understanding of words versus actions in our politics. Vote for someone that actually cares about helping you, and EVERYONE. Someone who will actively fight for the values always talked about in this country, but missing a lot of late.
And if you’re worried about missing work, message me, I’ll help you look up the laws in your county and come up with a plan. 🇺🇸

Slyly capturing my insane friends directing a pic for Instagram. ❤️🌴 #picklebacksreunion2018

@thepedroalcocer is really happy to be reunited with me.
come see the show we worked so hard on @ucbfranklin @ucbtla TONIGHT at 8!!! *
* *
#comedia #comedy #spanish #latinx #latinocomedy #ucb #la #lacomedy #comedytonight

One week since wrapping #hollywoodfringemovie
Loved working with all of these talented, funny, kind people. Last photo was obligatory wrap meal at In-N-Out (ya girls one and only trip there!)

#Fbf to this beautiful wedding with my beautiful friends @maryvryan and @morgz.ob
So lucky and happy to be there for this, hate the goodbyes but love this friendship. Mary told me last time I was in Ireland that YOU’RE ONLY IN IRELAND ONCE and while now that’s not true this wedding lived up to the best version of seizing the day! 😉😉 (ALSO LOOK AT THAT BREAKFAST SPREAD and baby Guinness is a sweet drink, I like it!) love you both!!!

So excited for this. Remember that time ages ago a very talented writer on your maude team wrote a sketch that would also be perfect for film so he made it happen?! Go @davygardner !!! And always fun to work with @anthonysneed and crew @alec_cohen and @jovonoutlaw

Two former RAs and the resident bride 💁🏽‍♀️😍.. still so grateful for the day this girl knocked on my dorm door and decided we were having a slumber party. Now this friend’s a beautiful bride... Congrats Chanelle and Onome!! #ogudesweddingbell

Truly honored to be included on this new picture wall my mom put up in her house 😳😂

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