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Erica Hernandez  A picture is worth a thousand words and that's way more characters than Twitter. Follow my 2018 char/day journey @365ericas

So glad “invisible propmaster” got shared with the world yesterday! Thanks @colbertlateshow @stephenathome for having me! Loved this bit! (Truly INTENSE job) *and thanks @milbermann for being the best*

In honor of #nationalsibilingday I’ve chosen at random various pictures of my sibs that are in my phone to share. Arguably they’ve gotten prettier with age. (I said the phrase “I’m one of four” in what was supposed to be a causal conversation starter once so obviously they mean a lot to me). @akhernan83 Manuel @phil_ah

I’m in Who Made The Potato Salad? Women of Color Takeover tonight at 11 PM at The Tank! It’s sold out but just look at this pic of women... it’s like we’re in a catalogue during blush season!!! All these smiles were REAL!! Photos

Creative Director @_ravenroberts Photographers @rafaelrautha @dayaneohira @zineland #WMTPS created + hosted by @80dollarsandasuitcase + co-produced by @maria.luisa.acabado. big thank you to
My mu: @azizadoesmakeup

Come see @thepedroalcocer be one of the silliest people alive with me in this *educational* comedy show!!!! Nos vemos!! UCBT Hell’s Kitchen 6:30

Thanks for having me @thetopeleven !! Got to list puppets which is a totally cool and badass and not weird thing I know about. Also did it take me an hour to properly repost a video? Yes. Yes it did.

@jennifervegamakeup posted this today and it made me feel good because I still can’t believe how genius she was with my hair. This face was: “you don’t like chocolate? who are you?” 📷 the brilliant @emilylambertpics

You just have to come to this, ok?!?!?! @thepedroalcocer is one of the most insane funny people I know so come for him and stay for the EDUCATION #spanishcomedy #spanishimprov #comedyinnyc #comedyshow #comedyshowtonight #thepit #latina #latino #latinx #losprofesores #learnspanish #learnlanguages #spanisheducation #spanish #nyccomedy

One of these people did a triathlon at UCLA and one of them wore workout clothes just incase they could get motivated to workout today. Congrats big bro @phil_ah

#tbt to a time in my life not unlike now when I cried because I was hungry. If only I could tell baby me that that will never change, but at least you’ll sort of learn how to smile for a camera

Whether it’s swimsuit season or the literal opposite, nothing says unadulterated joy like my face when it’s next to @yell2l who has tolerated this insanity since birth.

@thepedroalcocer and I just had so much fun at #ssicf18 thanks for having us. We have 100 grados de gris.

#tbt to @emilylambertpics making me feel like a mil $$ and a picture that sort of shows what I’d look like with short hair? I am this happy every time I take a wig off, CANDID

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