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EricTheCarGuy  I make videos and social media posts to help viewers better understand the vehicles they drive.

Saturday's are a great day for podcasts. Here's one I did last week with Learn From Others. I've never had anyone come up with a car that represents me. Kinda cool.

This is the first video in a 3 part series where I install a cargo carrier on my 2012 Honda Odyssey. Don’t forget to watch the entire video for the bloopers at the end. Extended version available to Premium Members of #RoofRails

This is why I love going to @myprishow it’s all about the beautiful machines that go fast. #engine #dragracing #pri2018

The shop is quiet this week. Heading to @myprishow tomorrow. Spending today doing edits for next weeks videos. #itsnotallglamorous #etcgshop

There are a million different tires for a million different conditions, which ones do you use? #tires #ETCG1Video

Looking for the perfect holiday gift for the ETCG fan in your life? Look no further! You can now purchase the latest EricTheCarGuy and ETCG1 designs in T-shirt form. Nice, soft T-shirts at that. Get yours today!

Fast cars, cool cars, friends, SEMA/AAPEX, my next build, and I don't care if you watch. 😉 #ETCGNewsletter

I love my LOUD button. Be sure to stick around till the end of the video for some bloopers I dropped in. #FairmontProject #ExhaustCutOut #ETCGVideo

Back in the shop shooting more video with my good friend #cameramanbrian should be fun. #hondaodyssey #roofrack #videoshoot

In the shop shooting some #fairmontproject footage for this Friday’s video. #loudbutton #videoshoot #etcgshop

One of the best things about being a mechanic/builder is that you get to learn something new every day. I recommend surrounding yourself with people much smarter than you are, then be sure to listen to what they have to say. #FairmontProject #LearnSomethingNewEveryDay #LearnFromYourMistakes #ETCG1Video

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