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EricTheCarGuy  I make videos and social media posts to help viewers better understand the vehicles they drive.

Day 2 of the Iola WI car show (for me). Here’s some stuff I found this morning. I love this show. #carshow

Here’s some eye candy from the Iola WI car show. Thanks to all the fans who stopped by and hung out! I’ll be back tomorrow for more. #carshow

This is the most highly anticipated video I’ve ever made! After a full year of not changing my oil, the results of my Mobil 1 Annual Protection experiment are in! Watch the video to see the results. #Mobil1YearOilChange #Sponsored

I’m at the Iola WI car show today and tomorrow, in the “modified” section. I’m walking the show but I’ll be by from time to time. Stop by for a T-shirt. #fairmontproject #carshow

From this to start up took about 14 hours. #deathmetal got me through it. #darkmatterpikachu #fairmontproject

Last stop before Iola WI. The #fairmontproject has done very well and I’m giving it another dose of Shell V-Power NiTRO+. It seems to really like it. #sponsored

I’m headed to Iola WI car show today. If you’re in the area stop by. I’ll be there through Saturday. #carshow #fairmontproject

It was fast before, now it’s flat out frightening. 👍#fairmontproject

One crisis averted. On to the next. #darkmatterpikachu #fairmontproject

Well, things were going great until they weren’t. At Kalvinator Engines now getting bigger holes drilled. #darkmatterpikachu #fairmontproject

Parts are in! It just might come to life tonight. @compcamsofficial #fairmontproject #darkmatterpikachu

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