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EricTheCarGuy  I make videos and social media posts to help viewers better understand the vehicles they drive.

Can you turbo charge and supercharge an engine? Yes. Yes you can. @blownmafiaofficial #turbo #supercharger #pennzoilgrassroots

Another great person I got to meet today @leahpritchett_tf #dragracing #topfueldragster #pennzoilgrassroots

I get to meet some of the coolest people with my job. @matthagan_fc told me all about what it’s like to drive a #funnycar #respect #dragracing #ilovemyjob #pennzoilgrassroots

Broken rear control arm bushings are a common Honda problem. In fact, I made a video about this repair before I ever became ETCG. Check the links in the video description. In this video I show some updated methods that take a lot less time and effort. #ETCGVideo #Honda #suspensionrepair

The #fairmontproject is a never ending challenge, but I love this car and wouldn’t have it any other way. #builtnotbought #challenges

Now let’s see if the cold side piping on the #fairmontproject stays together thanks to my @eastwoodco bead roller. #turbo #turboproblems #beadroller

Ever have trouble bleeding brakes? Me too. This video has some tips that might help you if you ever have trouble bleeding brakes. #ETCGVideo #Civic #Brakes #BleedingBrakes

Congratulations to Stacy Thomas! You are now the proud owner of a new @eastwoodco LED lighting system! To everyone else, thank you for participating, and here is a gift for you. Use the code “CarGuy” and get 15% off on any LED modular lights on Eastwood's website 😉 #sponsored

Like most Saturdays I’m editing videos for the upcoming week. This one is on rear control arm bushing replacement in Civics and Integras. Goes live on ETCG Friday. #honda #civic #etcgvideo #editing #workingonsaturday

Do the windshield wipers on your @honda or @acura smack the A pillar during operation? Are they loose and flop around? This video will show you how to fix that cheaply and easily. #WindshieldWipers #HondaRepair #AcuraRepair #ETCGVideo

Do you like to see what you’re doing when working under the hood of your vehicle? Me too! To that end I have partnered with @eastwoodco to give away one of their new LED lighting set ups. To enter, do 2 things. First, fill out the form linked below, because sign up! Next, tag a friend in the comments and tell everybody why you need this light to work on your vehicle. Good luck! #giveaway #sponsored

I’ve waited since 2012 to get one of these workbenches and it was totally worth the wait. What do you think? @badassworkbench #Workbench #ToolReview #ETCGToolReview #Sponsored

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