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RIP Robert "Uncle Bob" Good. Pictured here, far right, standing next to my father/his brother at my parent's wedding.
Uncle Bob was one of the toughest, fearless, take no shit kind of guys that I ever knew. He was a tough kid from a working class family during The Great Depression. He was a WWII vet who survived naval warfare and had many stories of sinking Nazi u-boats.. Though his attitude got him into trouble, his lack of fear and love of life also added a positive aspect to his life. Well into his 90's he still rode roller coasters and went to the casino. My sister just ran into him the other day at a local Pizza Hut. He was on a date. Ha! One of the last times I saw him was at my mother's funeral a few years ago. He challenged me to a friendly boxing match. He landed a few punches.
He also was the only one who witnessed my first steps when I was a baby. I'm honored to have the middle name of Robert. It's a reminder to live my life to the fullest and to always stand up for myself.

I made one.

W. College Ave.

v/a FOUR OLD 7"s ON A 12" (The Teen Idles, State Of Alert, Government Issue, Youth Brigade) Dischord Records 1984

I'm not old enough to have purchased these four incredible 7" eps when they were first released. Currently, I'm not financially blessed to purchase any of these records at the collectable rate that each one goes for.
I am old enough though (and was able to afford the price of $6.99 at Eide's) to have purchased this first press reissue of four of the most influential records released on a 12" lp in the mid 80's.

Ugh, Sundays. Am I right?

CAREER SUICIDE "MACHINE RESPONSE" LP DERANGED RECORDS 2017 Red and Yellow 45 adapters added for visual effect. Ha!


MOB 47 "EP" 7" EP ROJ RECORDS 1984

Want my olive??

St. John's Lutheran Cemetery

Murray Ave.

Ft. Duquesne Blvd.

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