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Eric Ray Corpuz  Let's be best friends. Las Vegas • CrossFit •@BYUwrestling • @BYMacappella


Man, there is nearly no mistake that the Gospel, best friends, music, and lots of ice cream can’t heal. Being roommates with Jacob was one of the greatest things that ever happened to me. It’s been a few months, but we sure miss making music together. Here’s a short, imperfect clip of our favorite song for anyone who is feeling a little (or really) broken or lonely today.

Happy birthday to the mom who sacrifices everything for our family. The mom who went back to school after having two kids and completely changed her career path to help make ends meet. The mom who still works from 7PM to 7AM , so that someone is home to take care of the family while dad is at work. The mom who gave up her son to another religion that would take me away for two years and move me to another state to go to school. The mom who never slept when we were sick and checked every single page of homework we ever had so we could have the best grades. The mom who loves and knows mercy and Jesus Christ more than any living person I know on this planet. We love you mom and we know we drive you insane, but we are nothing without you. Happy birthday!

I don’t want to be that person or create some kind of pity party on social media, but I also don’t want to create some false idea of my life being perfect by any means.
I’m going through a personal struggle that has been extremely difficult to navigate or else I wouldn’t be making myself vulnerable right now. I, like many of you, believe in the power of prayer and am just hoping to ask for a little help by including me in your prayers today. Love you guys.
Artwork: The Hand of God by Yongsung Kim

It’s all still so unreal to me. My final year competing at the #ICCA and WE TOOK FIRST PLACE and I was also awarded for Most Outstanding Choreography! This group is full of such amazing examples of charity and love and I couldn’t be more blessed and thankful to be able to share the stage with them. Thanks to two of my best friends, @jord.bromley and @zash_ton for coming to support me last night and never missing a show. SEMIFINALS HERE WE COME! @bymacappella #BYMfamily

When another person asks me if I’ve graduated yet from BYU.

Would I relive 2016? Maybe like two or three months of it. Would I relive 2017? In a heartbeat. My Thanksgiving posts are a bit late, but thankful nonetheless. In short, I’m grateful for family. My blood family, my Beyond Measure family, and my chosen family, my best friends. I’m overwhelmed with how blessed I am with the amazing people I have in my life—here’s just a few of them!

Here’s to remembering that you have more friends than you know. Good to know I’ll have my boys in my life forever, no matter what.
#tbt #throwback #sharegoodness

I’m performing in my second to last concert with @BYMacappella tonight. It’s been a crazy last five years and is insane to think that I’ll be finished! I️t would mean the world to me if you can make it, see the link in my profile for tickets!

Throwback to watching a movie with my frens in hammocks in a freezing park last Saturday. #tbt

Haters will say this wasn’t candid.
Loved spending the afternoon with Lexi and Heath today! 📷 : @heath10e

Strength means nothing without faith.

My sister and best friend leaves for the MTC tomorrow and I couldn’t be more proud! I can’t remember the last time a goodbye was so hard knowing I will miss Abby so much. You’ve changed my life Abby and have been one of the best friends I could have ever asked for. I will miss you so much! I know you will change so many more lives in Portland bringing people to Christ! Love you Abs! @abbyfalke #BYMfamily #BYMforever

Just really missing these friends of mine today. @bymacappella’s first year was crazy, but man did we make the best friends we would have for the rest of our lives. #TBT #BYMfamily #BYMforever

My heart, with many others, shattered yesterday for the place that I call home. I was extremely relieved and grateful to hear all my friends and family were safe, but I felt so helpless and frustrated knowing the pain and suffering of those in Las Vegas. It seemed like everyone in Utah was just carrying on their lives like nothing had happened, but what more could we do?

I was reminded from the messages of General Conference that I should do what I can and donate what resources I could but even more so, the best thing I could do was take care of my loved ones—my family and friends. It seems so generic and cliché but who am I to help others if I can’t help my neighbors, those around me, first?
Of the greatest of all things, our Savior taught us to love.
My heart and prayers go out to all who experienced the terror in Las Vegas. I know and believe that each life, individually, is precious. I hope that we can all have the courage to reach out a hand of love to those left broken on Sunday night and those around us today and always.

I never thought I would catch myself wrestling again but I’m sure glad that I chose to. I’m consistently amazed at how much this team is focused on service. Today, a small number of us were blessed to give a fireside to the women at the Utah State Prison. It was amazing to hear these women pray and see the Spirit touch their hearts as daughters of God. Definitely an experience I’ll never forget. @byuwrestling #ShareGoodness #BYUwrestling

👏 I 👏 LOVE 👏 THESE 👏 GIRLS 👏 SO 👏 MUCH #BYMforever! @bymacappella #BYMfamily @janet.vallem @abbyfalke @kyliefalke

You are only free when you realize you belong no place—you belong every place—no place at all.
Maya Angelou

Here’s to missing friends like Colby and Whitney who help us remember that it isn’t a “squad” or any group of friends that help us to feel like we belong. It's about loving the people around you, destroying their insecurities, and reminding them that, no matter what, they are enough.

Wasn’t able to post yesterday, but happy belated birthday to the best dad I could ever ask for. I’ve never seen anyone dedicate so much time to selfless service like my dad. Best hero and role model I know. #sharegoodness

Spending time out in San Francisco was a really golden experience with my #BYMfamily. So grateful to have been blessed with with the BEST friends I could ever ask for! @BYMacappella

This trip has really flown by!

Turns out you actually have to have long hair or big arms to be on American Idol! Just kidding. The people who made it today were amazing. It was a humbling experience to rub shoulders with such great talent!

Because summer isn’t complete without California.

Today has been a whirlwind of emotions but overall it’s been amazing to see God’s hand in my life. It was such a blessing to be able to catch up and have lunch like old times with @connor_bills, a hero whom I will always look up to, and also to be able to attend Elder Howey’s beautiful funeral service and reconnect with people from my mission. Life is truly too short not to be kind to those around us, and I’m grateful to have so many loving friends and examples in my life who have taught me that.

Eric & Jacob Pt. 3: Behind the scenes.
Pretty good idea of how our friendship is haha. Seriously going to miss living with this kid.

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