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Eric Olvera  Dad🤹🏻‍♂️/Husband🌹 (760)953-9502 📲 #olverabarbering 💈

Awesome hike with wife and kids , caught a lil rain midway, 💯 % great adventures and bonding time ...I like spotting snakes 🐍 along the trails, so far I’m good at it #bigbear #snake #hiking #rattlesnake 👂🏼listen to that rattle settle on the last one 😬🤞🏼

🌊 thanks uncle G for visiting us #seals

I’ve been cutting hair for 13 years , I’ve been doubted I’ve been skipped on I’ve been asked if I can cut , if I’m good , I’ve heard chuckles followed by that’s weird you’re bald and you’re a barber , worst of all is “so what else do you do “ , I can’t go to deep into this but usually that comes from someone who has gone to college or look they are doing better than me .. well all I can do is laugh while you report to your boss and punch your clock .. it has come from people supposedly close to me and strangers .. if you’ve heard me say remain ahead ... it’s usually aimed at them thinking they are so far ahead , any barber I know is talented AF and have families to raise and get to listen to all the BS You bring from your workplace or home ! #olverabarbering #tavernbarberandshave #barber #barberlife #mensgrooming #facts #yourenotabarber #askyourboss #haters #hateuscausetheyaintus #mycareerisawesome #thatscoolyoumakemorethanme #barberforlife #successisthebestrevenge .... can you relate ❓

Enrique (Henry) Olvera is 6 months old today ... I’m proud and happy, thought I’d share #father #dad #papa #mysonenriqueolvera @ceciiii2003

Pulled this hat out of an old bag I was sending to goodwill , wanted to hang on the wall of the shop for its aesthetic purpose .. ended being encouraged to wear it again ... thanks dudes I guess I do look sharp in it #olverabarbering #tavernbarberandshave #barber #barberlife #hat

Cameron always mentioned going to the ARMY when he got out of school , he has been in a year now , he is a nice young man and easy to talk to ,we laughed a lil about things and didn’t ask me for his military discount (all of a sudden ,which he knows I’d honor anyway) 🤪thanks always @cameron_zink a few years be aware he will look like this 👮🏼‍♂️#olverabarbering #tavernbarberandshave #barber #barberlife #army #pd ... keep it up sir and enjoy your grenade launcher

HOME ALONE HOUSE... not going to lie I’ve always wanted to see it , this guy right here will do anything for us when we come to Chicago, meeting joe Pesci and Daniel stern was awesome too 😉 thanks G #homealone #brotherinlaw

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