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Eric Nam  NamFamBam 👊 Faith. Family. Fried rice. Real Estate Feed on @missignam #KeepMoving Vlog No. 21 is up:

Enjoyed a rare date night with @dxsarahxd and got to see our dear friend @surrealgrace’s new premier @staycationmovie at @lafilmfest. In usual form we could not hang cuz we just old and tired now lol. Great work and we had lots of fun!

Whoa. I was never a big comic book geek growing up and I’ve missed most of the Marvel/DC Universe movies. But this. This I am not going to miss.
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The Joker. 🎥 @toddphillips1

#tbt to #NamFamBamNYC2017 when we were lucky enough to visit @renzogracieacademy meet Professor @renzograciebjj and @wolfieandthefuss got to train under Professor @harleyfflanagan who happens to be the hardcore punk legend and leader of a band I grew upon on #CroMags.
Can’t wait to go back to this very special gym.


Puahaha this is so true. I remember when I first started in real estate l had like one old suit from high school which was way too small and no money to buy anything new. When I closed my first deal @dxsarahxd and I went down to Camarillo outlets and hit the Hugo Boss store. Hanging on the wall was this glorious linen suit in like a very pale eggshell with hints of pink. I was mesmerized and had to have it although it was probably the least practical color I could choose. My budget was for one suit and possibly a decent shirt. So I picked this lavender spread collar number with fake horn buttons. I mean it couldn’t have been a cheesier combo but l wore that get up to the office every damn day (that’s back when I actually went into the office) so proud. And clueless as to how ridiculous I must’ve looked. This was when my weight started ballooning too so I couldn’t do my top button, just cinch my tie up real tight and hide the gap. Sweaty pit stains sweeping through the light color suit. Belt hook hanging on to that last hole for dear life. Good lord. At least I was trying right? Fast forward...I’m approaching my 10th year soon. Yesterday I showed up to meet one of my sellers on my skateboard in my gym shorts, t shirt, and a @missignam hat. Through the years I learned that at the end of the day what matters most is not the suit I wear or the fancy car I pull up in (I’ve been down that road too believe me) but the unbeatable level of service, marketing savvy, expertise and my commitment to integrity performance and perseverance that my clients need and expect. Of course presentation is a high priority and many occasions call for a crisp clean suit, albeit perhaps even a pale pink linen suit. But @philmexposed and I found that most times a Beard and a Blazer will do just fine.


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I snapped the left selfie a little over three years ago after stepping off the scale. It had read “212.” As in 212 lbs. I remember thinking to myself “hmm that’s kinda big no?”Until then I was pretty clueless to how overweight and out of shape I was. I thought I was a little chubby sure, chilling in Dad-Bod-dom, but I was clueless to how bad the situation actually was. I would chalk it up to being happy in marriage and fatherhood, or my metabolism slowing down cuz they say that’s what happens when you get old or not having time to work out. And eating healthy was just too time consuming and expensive. Shortly after that I had my annual check up and got my blood work done. My doctor said “listen here bruh, I’m not saying you’re gonna be dead at 40. But what I am saying is that you’re gonna be on every medication under the sun just to stay alive.” (Read aloud in Samuel L. Jackson’s voice). Everything was off the charts and there were no signs of letting up. That’s when the lights went on and the camera zoomed out to reveal a wide angle shot of the whole scene. I immediately changed courses and found myself on the path I’m running on today: The Good Path.

I snapped the right picture yesterday after I stepped off the scale. It read 152. That 60 pound difference was like a debt I owed. A debt to myself my family and my future. With the support and inspiration of many people I worked hard to pay it off and it was hard work indeed. But man does it feel good to be free again.

Thank you:

...and all my friends old and new. Alright enough of that it’s not like I won an Emmy.

Such an awesome and thoughtful gift from awesome friends @357son @_dianason_ Thank you guys, I’ve always wanted a Hedley & Bennett apron but never thought I’d have one with #namfambam on it. So rad! More IG Live def coming soon! Lol

Doctor said I need to take at least a week off from training. But ideally 4 weeks. I told him he needs to take at least a week off from work. But ideally find a new career. I didn’t really say that but it would’ve been much cooler if I did.


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Thanks again

Jacki from @bohemianvagabond has this great tagline or mantra if you will: “Attitude drives action. Action drives results. Results drive lifestyle.” @philmexposed and I sat down with Jacki to hear how she has built a successful career in real estate while at the same time flying all over the world and becoming one of the biggest travel bloggers out there. Stay tuned for the full Beards and Blazers Vlog and podcast coming soon...


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