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Eric Moore  Professional drummer studio,live,lessons, clinics, For any inquiry please contact GAM Representation @

follow my band @lillakeband and be sure to stay in the look out for the tour dates next month with @megadeth @tesseractband @meshuggahband I'll be offer drum lessons in certain cities. Hope to see you soon. @dwdrums @zildjiancompany @aquariandrumheads @promarkbydaddario

@calvinr_rodgers is amazing. My little brother put on this track and I got inspired to play. That's what this is all about. Not about criticizing and making people and drummers feel bad. Some one takes there time to post a video and to inspire on YouTube and we have those who wanna bash them and talk mess. Get over the hate and inspire to be inspired. Much love to you all. Happy weekend. @dwdrums @zildjiancompany @promarkbydaddario @aquariandrumheads

Was jamming out last night with the band @strqtv be sure to check out there project and give them a follow. Stop letting people put you in a box do it all. Be a musician. @dwdrums @zildjiancompany @promarkbydaddario @aquariandrumheads @cympad @drumdots

Had some fun tonight with @thedrumcoaches be sure to check out is you truly wanna take your playing to the next level. There's no excuses any more. @dwdrums @pdpdrums @zildjiancompany @promarkbydaddario @aquariandrumheads @drumdots @cympad @

Had the opportunity of going and hanging out with the Chavez high school Jazz band this week and it was awesome. Both my high school and middle school band instructors both yeah there so it was like being a kid all over again. . Enjoy.

@dwdrums @zildjiancompany @promarkbydaddario @aquariandrumheads. I went to a amazing show Saturday and my good friend had me super inspired this week. Playing everything fusion I could get my hands on.

This kit is absolutely breathtaking @dwdrums

#tbt This is a really cool custom @thumpdrums kit I will never probably never play on. It has my logo and the #suicidaltendencies logo on the bass drum. I used this kit on tour in 2012 . I'm not gonna give it away but I am definitely thinking about selling it. Or should I just get a new bass drum and keep it? 😂😂

Thank you Berkeley School of music student @victoriavrizk this is exactly what we love to hear from the people who are investing into wanting to be a great musician and drummer. The shed camp is still available to all. We had some really great testimonies so we decided to open it up a few more times . Invest in your drumming people. All these inboxed about being a great drummer and how they can be better. I offer you guys to try the camp now .
#drummers #drums #love #music #teacher

@bopah_drummer_page I can't believe it your 15 Today is your birthday. You are growing up way to fast. I have to tell you I am extremely proud of you and your sisters and I love you all very much. Happy Birthday. 🎉

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