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@mrporterlive in my apartment feat. 6 vintage tennis glasses that you'd more likely see in your grandmothers sunroom. #mrporterontheroad #mrportermadeincalifornia

working with @mrporterlive to present #MRPORTERontheroad #MRPORTERMadeinCalifornia -- showcasing some of my favorite pieces from the new collection alongside some of my favorite glimpses into old hollywood nostalgia. 💙

come back already @yo_scoot

workin here today

yer boy. is feeling. v. grateful.

strong thrift store find

buying things that make me look like a boy meets world extra

no cameras please



while i am a little late to the party, @equinox has invited me to share a piece of their #committosomething campaign to start the new year. i honestly feel like 2/1 was the real start of the new year... maybe a lot of strange energy splashed over into 2017 or maybe we can blame it on the moon (ha), but the first thing i did was make a note in my phone that says "please celebrate this", where i hope to remind myself of big accomplishments that, to me, end up feeling very small and unimportant. i don't know where i stopped feeling proud of myself, but i have to say.... i do feel it again. /// #equinoxmademedoit #eqxambassador

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