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Frederick Rodgers Dent V  It's a birthmark 👻SC/🐦twitter/👥tumblr: erickdent 📧: [email protected]

AYE Instagram photo sets
Sick🦈 *swipe right*



These things are so comfy👟 @greatsbrand

Backed out of my car pic because posting it on here defeats the purpose of making a separate account for car pics..... so here's a #tbt

Happy valentines beeb! Thanks for putting up with me and my ridiculous endeavors. ❤️💋


Waiting for it to be back in the 90s

Alright, competition time. I spent a couple hours picking up all this construction foam off the beach yesterday. I only hit about a half mile stretch of the beach so there's plenty more out there.
The first 5 people to send me and @sheepsheadwear a photo of two 13 gallon garbage bags full of trash wins a FREE HAT. The next 5 win other freebies from @sheepsheadwear
DM a photo to me and sheepshead showing off your haul and where you picked it all up. Get busy kids♻️♻️♻️♻️♻️

#tbt summer days 🐶🌊☀️

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