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F I L M E || 🇨🇦  ⠀⠀⠀⠀📍 Vancouver, BC✈️ . [ fashion & lifestyle blog ] ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀CEO @dancewithfilmeacademy

AAAYY, Chasmish 🤓🖤.
Behind every dope woman, is one hell of a story. ✌🏻

YEAH BABY pt1. @officialgarrysandhu
Hauli hauli GIDHE vich nach patlo 🔥 #DWFGidha
FilmEd by @nxtlvlfilms @bhaveshchauhan
Wearing a customized suit and jhooti with @intricatejewellery earrings. ✨ #simplicity
@dancewithfilmeacademy #dancewithfilme

Dreams really do come true 💥💥
Dear Ma and Dad,
Thank you for believing in #FilmE. Your unconditional love has taught me to never give up and chase every goal I have dreamt of. I am living what some would call a dream & I am very very thankful for having the most supportive parents in the world. Thank ya for always saying YES & letting me carve my own path. I shall continue to make ya proud, smile ♥️. #blessed @dancewithfilmeacademy
Love, Emun.
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Anothaaaaa one releasing tonight✨
@dancewithfilmeacademy #DWFGidha
Filmed by @bhaveshchauhan @nxtlvlfilms 🎥

Some days she has no idea how she’ll do it. But every single day IT still gets done 💯#daily #riseandshine

Making profit is my cardio 💪🏻
@trainingdaycafe bowls got me like 💯

Cheers to living a life you don’t need a vacation from 🌹 #blessed #morningmotivation 🖤

So proud of these 2 #filmeons from our @dancewithfilmeacademy Junior Girls Bhangra team. Diya and Avreet preformed #bhangra for the first time yesterday. Stay tuned for our performance video —> the performance was our very own LED BHANGRA in collaboration with @thedesimascots && we are the only team in North America offering #LEDBHANGRA.
@cheema_0627 @avreet_brar @diyagill 🖤
____________________________________________________________ 🌟 Enroll Today for our Surrey, Richmond or Abbotsford classes : 🌟
Want To See More? Add Us On Snapchat: @dwfarmy 😍💃🏼
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Smiles all around #takemetoindia✨
Wearing @punjabi_designer_boutique at a friends maiyaan 🌸 loved this pant suit 🙌🏻

Don’t let the pretty face fool you; I roll like a boss 🌸 #fridaymorningmotivation

Gidhe vichh boli ve main pava tere na te 🌺

This suit was customized by MYSELF in India last year during best friends wedding shopping (even though I’ve seen it on numerous suit accounts - I designed it 👀) love love love this combination ✨ #punjabisuit

Some FUN SHUN. ✨ #DWFGidha
The first form of dance I ever learned was Gidha. My mama taught me. I believe I was 2 or 3 & would somehow get placed on stage for this ONE boli every single time with mom and her friends ... I would have to lay and pretend to be a “dead” mother in law with a white chuni over me but little miss FilmE couldn’t stop laughing soooo alll you would see is a 2ft person pretending to be dead on the floor with their tummy going up and down really really hard LOL 😂. Gidha is a beautiful dance. The short stories, exaggerated drama and friendship created between women through expression is a beautiful thing. Gidha is very close to my heart & it is the one form that was taught to me by the most beautiful woman in the world, my mother. I am extremely happy to be able to bring it’s form to life at the @dancewithfilmeacademy alongside our #MamaFilmE .
Very shortly registration will be open for our non-competitive and competitive classes/teams.
Video with #DWFGidha & @nxtlvlfilms #comingsoon

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