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Mrs. Jan Ericka P. Sales-Kim  "If he is the God of Destruction, I'll gladly be wrecked." 22. Currently Werking. Wife of Kim Namjoon and Kim Yoosung. A Potato. Aquatic Sunshine.

"putla-putlaan" look

Happy Birthday to my baby namja, hyogi the bear, Han Sanghyuk.
I wanted you to enjoy life, experience, and do whatever makes you happy.
Happy 23rd, OPPA.
P.S. I'm like just 13 years older than you. Hahaha XD #happyhyukday


To one of the best leaders and person that one could meet, happy birthday Cha "N" Hakyeon.
Thank you for saving me from this dark abyss called "life". Thank yous would never be enough to express my gratitude to you, and every member of VIXX. I'm not good with words but I wanted you to know that whatever you're doing as long as you're happy with it, carry on.
Because we, STARLIGHTS, would always be here to support and be your light.


My sarang.

I am a new STARLIGHT, haven't even reached a year. But I know I've made the best and right choice of devoting my life to VIXX any possible way I can. VIXX, you don't know this, but you saved me. Gave me hope and courage to continue. Happy #VIXX6thAnniversary. I love you.

(WTS/LFB) With Your Face Photo Collection
Jimin Set - 500
Hyung line - 400 per set.
#facephotocollection #wingstourmerch #BTS

When people tell me whatever I'm saying is wrong, but they realized I was right and they're too prideful to admit it.

Bagsak katawan ni inday.


Bumili ng damit pero walang lakas ng loob ipanglibot.

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