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ERICH ROEPKE  Telling stories of storytellers. - @Roam | @Team_Intrepid | @Do.Good.Shit - Supported by @111Watches and @Revo - 📍Northside of Mt. Everest

Mt. Everest - 27.59°N, 86.55°E
@estebantopomena and @coryrichards working their way up the apron. This was the start of their first attempt on their line the other day on the north side of Everest. -
For years, I’ve heard of the shit show Everest can be. The crowds, the trash, the commercialism... and it’s true in part. You can find all that here. @nimsdai took this second photo of the lines on the south side. It’s insanity.
But, this place is magical. My favorite part of being a part of this expedition is witnessing Cory and Topo charging alone into the unknown wild solitude of this seemingly beaten place. It’s incredibly special to see an untouched side of the tallest mountain on earth. What a perfect first Everest climbing experience to be a part of. -
Thank you @roam for this dream assignment -
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Mt. Everest - 27.59°N, 86.55°E
This is the north side of the tallest mountain on earth. If you look on the bottom ridge, you can see the North Col. Follow it up, and you can see tiny climbers working their way down from Camp 2 and Camp 3 higher on the ridge.
- @roam -
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Mt. Everest - 27.59°N, 86.55°E
Just another gorgeous evening here on the roof of the world. Everyday, I am so grateful to be here with @coryrichards and @estebantopomena for @roam. More to come. -
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Mt. Everest - 23,031’- 27.59°N, 86.55°E
In just a few hours @coryrichards and @estebantopomena set off to attempt an unclimbed route on the north of Mt. Everest (pictured here). -
I have been lucky enough as a young alpinist and filmmaker and have the crazy privilege to document these two for @roam as they prepare for the climb of a lifetime. For the past two months I’ve watched them prepare for this task at hand. I can tell you that I have never witnessed such a continuous level of focus for anything. -
I am excited for these few sleepless hours to pass, and for my friends Cory and Topo to kick some ass!!!
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April - Boulder, Colorado -
40.0150° N, 105.2705° W
It’s been well over a month since @coryrichards took his final metabolic tests before departure to Everest. Seems like an eternity ago. Since then, the team has been in full swing preparing for the climb. It’s been a privilege to witness their focus and commitment first hand. Today, we head back to Advanced Basecamp so they can make prepare for the climb. Spirit is are high, and both Cory and @estebantopomena seem laser focused. -
Check out the @roam Episode 4, leading up to our departure. Link in my bio. -
#everest #epic #theline #mteverest #roam #roam247 #adventure #newroute #climbing #alpinism #mountaineering

North Col, Mt. Everest - 23,031’- 27.59°N, 86.55°E
The wind was definitely whipping the other day on the Col. This video was taken on @coryrichards and @estebantopomena acclimatization round, so, luckily, we weren’t staying the night. -
On assignment for @roam
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North Col, Mt. Everest - 23,031’- 27.59°N, 86.55°E
The other day, I got to chase @coryrichards and @estebantopomena up the North Col for an acclimatization round. As you can see, winds are building on Everest. We reached the Col right as they really seemed to start ripping. We watched full tents get ripped from the Col and blown to the valley below. Even the @alpenglowexpeditions storage tent was lost. -
Now we wait for the wind to die down for the team to make the next move. -
On assignment for @roam
#everest #wind #mountains #adventure #travel #7summits #theline #mteverest #himalayas

The North Face of Everest - 27.59°N, 86.55°E
@ladzinski scouting the new line that @coryrichards @estebantopomena are establishing on Everest. We have spent the few days getting the lay of the land here at 21k feet. Over the next month, Cory and Topo will continue to get to know their route. Look for more at @roam. -
#theline #nikoneverest #everest #basecamp #himalayas

North Mt. Everest // 28°8′29″N 86°51′5″E
The acclimatization process wears on, day by day. You can feel the excitement in camp build as the lungs adjust to the high mountain air. Everyday, @coryrichards and @estebantopomena push higher. Each day is a preparation for the next, until finally they will get to attempt their line. -
I’m enjoying being here, documenting it for @roam as it unfolds. -
Shot on the @nikonusa P1000. -
#roam #everest #theline #adventure #epic

From Boulder to Everest, I’ve been fortunate enough to be a fly on the wall for @coryrichards and @estebantopomena’s expedition to climb a new route on Mt. Everest. -
It’s incredible to witness first hand the levels of diligence, dedication, and unbridled determination necessary to make this all happen. It’s inspirational in the sense that it’s admirable, and it’s inspirational in the sense of almost being instructional — I am in awe and learning at the same time. -

Also, chasing around @ladzinski has been an opportunity of my aspiring adventure media career. I have never before witness someone with such ability and latitude, from photography, to film, to social media, to editing, Keith is the full stack deal. I am so stoked to have this opportunity to pick his brain and learn some tricks. -

Stay tuned for our first few @roam dispatches coming soon. -

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In route to Everest Basecamp - April 15, 2019
29.2669° N, 88.8806° E -

How lucky are we? -
How lucky are we to be visiting Tibet? How lucky are we to be heading to Mt. Everest? How lucky are we to have goals? How lucky are we to get to attempt to accomplish those goals? How lucky are we that we get to pursue careers that make us feel fulfilled and challenge us creatively? -
I have already learned so much from @coryrichards @ladzinski and @estebantopomena. I have to pinch myself every few moments and remind myself this is real. -
I could not be more grateful to @roam for this dream assignment. It truly means the world to me. -
Basecamp tomorrow!
#theline #roam #everest #mteverest

Last summer, we danced the night away at a @111watches Party during the Outdoor Retailers. At some point during that night, the dance floor cleared for one man, Mr. @carabinercoffee - Erik Gordan. Erik broke dance the night away — the life of the party. -

The next day, while walking the showroom floor, Stein and I bumped into the bearded dancer making coffee out of an old VW Van. As we recounted previous night’s festivities, a small brochure on the corner of the desk with a frozen peak caught my eye —Mt Everest Biogas Project— Erik told us that he was on a mission to clean up the human waste left from expeditions on the side of Mt. Everest. Stein and I exchanged a look, and said “We’re in”. -

Three months later, with a little help from our friends at 111 Watches, we made our way to Mt. Everest Basecamp to document the waste left there. We found hundreds of thousands of pounds of human waste buried just off the trail — a serious issue. -

But in the face of this serious situation, we couldn’t contain our energy. Sure it was bad, but we were going to do something about it, and we couldn’t wait to act. Each problem we encountered fueled us to do more, to do something, to DO GOOD SHIT. So, on the hike out from camp, we decided it was time to take a new approach to alpine human waste management — a fun one — an energetic one — a wild one. We scribbled down outlandish ideas and shared them with our closest friends when we got home. It’s was then we decided it was time to launch our own project: -

I am proud to announce the launch of our new nonprofit, @do.good.shit — a nonprofit committed to making solving human waste management problems more fun and effective. -

Our first projects are in Torres Del Paine & Everest Basecamp. -

Check out the link in my bio for more info. It’s time to Do Good Shit. -

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