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🌱🌿🌳🍃🍂  Nature lover; Tolkien fan; lots of flora and fauna. You can view [more of] my collection here>>>@plantsinyourpants ~anyQuestions? feel free to DM~


Any fellow lychee lovers out there?

Cranberry fruit worm (on a blueberry) and anthracnose fungus. I'm not working on the blueberry farms this year. These ones were hand picked by my aunt and uncle. normally the conveyer belt would reject these berries so they don't end up on the shelves, so don't get too concerned! Just need a #plumcurculio and the whole gangs here :p

Potatoe beetle! #Leptinotarsadecemlineata

🤔am I a good person for sparing their lives or am I bad person for making a habit of throwing them into my neighbor's hosta-laden yard ??? On another note, does anyone know what kind of snail this is? 🐌 there is a black line that wraps all around its shell~ unlike the majority of the snails I find. Always been puzzling to me🌀

My favourite weather ⚡️ our rain barrels are stocked to the brim.

Growing up I always called this the "turtle dance" this mother turtle has just laid her clutch of eggs and is now filling the hole and tamping it down. She's chosen the perfect location just outside of this garden bed. I've marked it off and will hopefully be seeing babies emerge come September! See the link on my page for for info about these if you'd like! #diamondbackterrapin #malaclemysterrapin

The one on the left has been contentedly growing out of that tiny shell for three years now.

This is home,
no matter where life takes me

The water was far warmer than it looks and just as rough as it appears. Be aware of the terrible power of the ocean- it does not yield to anyone. These waters claimed several lives just yesterday and have yet to show one ripple of pity or remorse.

There is a small chunk of undeveloped land in the center of our island. We don't have many trees here, and haven't any parks shaded by their leaves, so I desperately want to explore the wetland forest that claims this area. The imminent poison ivy rash that would ensue may kill me though. For now I'll just keep dreaming🌳✨

I cannot keep these to myself any longer,. The 90 year old lady I garden for is so over the top~ and I love it. Maria makes me lunch every week. We chat and I get to soak up all the old people advice she has to share (really good stuff) She compliments me and makes me laugh until my ribs hurt. She also writes sweet messages and cute pictures on my pay envelopes💔😭 So please remember to be like Maria, when you are old and wrinkled!

Face for scale 😂 also this smells amazing #sacreddatura

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