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🌱🌿🌳🍃🍂  I try not to spam you with my plants<<(that's a complete lie) but if you are interested you can view [more of] my collection here>>>@plantsinyourpants

@boulegrakafe that&#39;s very interesting! I am not sure if this is the same plant you are talking about though. This kalanchoe has a purple tint to its pale green leaves though it is similar in appearance to the one you mentioned! @the_dusty_whale oddly enough the leaves bear pups only when they fall from the plant and land on soil. I haven&#39;t seen it sprouting any pups from leaves still attached to the stem. This is the first time it flowered for me and I really think it&#39;s beautiful. I can propagate some for whoever is interested ;)

I thought these dried up flowers looked pretty neat. I love their warm red-orange petals and the touch of purple at the base. The pollen is a blue-grey and the stamen is bright yellow. I&#39;m not sure what kind of succulent I have here, it seems to be happy though :)

My six pack is coming along nicely, seeing some real gains lately💪🏼🌿

Hard to believe there can be so much green *July 2016*

Yoo this page only posts weed burned into the current moon phase and I am so about it haha so friggin awesome! ALSO anyone else notice how the moon is perfectly in half? Today is spring Equinox, in Latin &#39;equi& #39; means equal and &#39;nox& #39; means night (like nocturnal) so equal hours of day and night.
I wonder if this moon phase is coincidental or not? My celestial knowledge is severely lacking but anyone who knows whatsup please share your knowledge🌗✌🏼️

BEEE HAPPY! it&#39;s the first day of Spring! I poured a spoonful of our native honey on the hive and these guys can&#39;t get enough. Our hive is actually empty right now. We aren&#39;t sure what happened, but there are other honeybees around and they have been scouting out our hive-- hopefully this snack will encourage them to make it their new home :)

My face almost froze off; these pansies are tough!

The mallards don&#39;t mind the weather though

Venice or Ventnor ? Nor&#39;easters dump a whole mess of rain on us and along with the wind we get the bay filling right up into our street.

Angry Atlantic
I was kinda cool with getting snow but I think I&#39;m glad we just got hit with rain and flooding. Can I get springtime now?

Meet Harriette

Volume Up^^ Spring peepers out in full force

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