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Ulnar deviation - courtesy of #cubs pitcher @srshrek31 - with the @onnit steel club (thanks, @spogue86!). If you’re looking for good forearm drills for pitchers, this is a great complement to the pronation/supination exercises I’ve posted in the past. Flexor carpi ulnaris is a key protector of the ulnar collateral ligament against valgus stress, and this is a good way to target it. #cspfamily

Half-kneeling offset kettlebell get-ups are a great option if you’re looking for another ground-to-standing transition drill. Credit to @bigdriskk for thinking these up, and #nationals pitcher @trevor_gott for bringing the effort to this demo. 👏💪 #cspfamily

It shouldn’t need to be said, but I’ll say it anyway. 🤔#cspfamily

I recently started implementing the quadruped 1-arm trap raise to swimmer hover with some of our baseball guys, and it’s quickly become one of my favorites. This drill addresses several important needs in a throwing population:
1️⃣scapular posterior tilt
2️⃣scapular upward rotation
3️⃣tissue extensibility of the long head of the triceps and lat
4️⃣the quadruped (all fours) position really reaffirms the good convex-concave relationship between the scapula and rib cage
You should not feel this at all in the front or top of the shoulder. Rather, the movement should be felt in the lower traps (mid back) and serratus anterior (add a full exhale at the top of each rep to intensify that activation). Some individuals will feel a good stretch through the triceps. 👊
Thanks to #Yankees pitcher @officialmikeking for the stellar demo! #cspfamily

The first NFL game I ever went to was Pats vs. Dolphins to end the 1992 regular season. Jeff Carlson started at QB for the Pats and they lost in overtime to finish 2-14. It was about ten degrees outside and it snowed.
For their first NFL game (also Pats/Dolphins), our girls had much better weather, a cool on-field experience, and the best QB of all time...but the end result wasn’t much better.🤦‍♂️ #cspfamily #cresseytwins

The 🐐 photobombed the Cressey family holiday card picture and I am totally okay with it. 😂 #cspfamily #cresseytwins #patriots @annacressey

Now more than ever.👊

If you’re really dragging at the start of a training session, try adding 10-pound plates instead of 25- and 45-pounders as you work your way up. The extra warm-up sets might just make you realize that you don’t feel as awful as you’d previously thought. #cspfamily

Here's another great anatomical look from @chicagosportsdoc that reiterates a few important lessons about latissimus dorsi.

1️⃣Note how far down on the humerus the lat attaches. Because of this more distal attachment point, the lat can't control the positioning (arthrokinematics) of the humeral head during larger global movements like extension, adduction, and internal rotation (osteokinematics). This is why you need a strong and well-timed rotator cuff to "keep up" with the lats.

2️⃣Humeral attachment lat injuries may be missed because a standard shoulder MRI isn't distal enough to capture the lat's insertion further down on the humerus. The miss is even more likely with an arthrogram, which allows visualization of an even smaller area. MRIs of suspected lat injuries should be viewed more as an upper arm injury than a shoulder injury.

3️⃣It's not uncommon for sports medicine professionals to incorrectly label humeral attachment lat injuries as biceps tendon issues, bursitis, or rotator cuff injuries. This is because the lat attaches on the front of the humerus, where symptoms are often felt from these other pathologies.
If you're a pitcher who has a suspected lat injury, make sure you're going to a sports medicine professional who has specific expertise with lat pathology. It can be a challenging diagnosis, and somewhat complex return to action plan based on that diagnosis.
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When using figure 8 drills in your medicine ball work, make sure that the arm action is driving thoracic (upper back) rotation and hip movement. The drill doesn’t do much if it’s just the arms moving; think fluid, athletic, and connected. Great demo by #padres pitcher @tc__35. 👊#cspfamily

A quick and easy progression for rotational rows is to simply lower the cable setting. I love this option for helping pitchers to build mobility and strength through the more extreme range-of-motion at ball release. Thanks to #dodgers pitcher @awood45 for the demo. 💪#cspfamily

It’s been said that strength and conditioning programming is equal parts science and art. Understanding how to manipulate specificity throughout the training year might be the absolute best example of this. #cspfamily

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