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*Don't overlook individual differences.*
It's incorrect to assume that all athletes need to be coached the same with respect to movement training drills. Different athletes have different builds, and there will be subtle deviations from "the ideal" positions we envision in our minds. Obviously, limb and torso lengths play into this, but joint structure may impact things as well. As an example, someone who lacks hip internal rotation - whether it's because of a bony block, capsular changes, or hip retroversion - might need to work from a more "open" (toes slightly out) athletic stance.
Understanding what "normal" looks like is important, but don't think "abnormal" is necessarily always inappropriate. #cspfamily

I think you mean “NATIONAL LEAGUE BATTING AVERAGE LEADER Ryan Flaherty.” @rflaherty27 making the great state of Maine proud. #cspfamily #thewaylifeshouldbe

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Ryan Flaherty for 3️⃣! #ChopOn

Enjoy. Or curse my name. Your call. 💪

A big thank you to @ruggedmeats for sending along a jerky care package! This special treat was awesome not only because they’re ultra tasty, but also because receiving a large shipment of dried cow for free is validation that all the social media stuff has really paid off. 💪🤤#cspfamily #beefjerky #ruggedmeats #CarnivoreConvenience

You might be surprised to know just how similar the Average Joe or Jane is to a professional athlete – both socially and physically. They all want the most bang for their buck. Most pro athletes are no different than anyone else in that they want to get in their training, and then go to visit their families, relax, play golf, etc. They really don’t have interest in putting in six hours per day in training outside of the times when they have to do so (namely, in-season).
To that end, if I had to pick three principles crucial to the success of both populations, they’d be the following:

1️⃣ Realize that consistency is everything.

2️⃣ Balance competing demands, and prioritize the ones that are the most pressing at a given time.

3️⃣ Recognize that the success comes from the overall program, not just the individual parts. #cspfamily

Here’s another lesson in adaptation to imposed demand in a throwing athlete. This is a DEXA scan that (among other things) measures bone density. Note - both visually and quantifiably - the massive difference in bone mineral content and density on the right (dominant) humerus (upper arm) as compared to the left (non-dominant) side in this RHP/SS. Throwing creates marked changes (both favorable and unfavorable) in the dominant arm; prepare accordingly! #cspfamily

Impromptu meeting of the @dedegriesbauer fan club! 👍
Joking aside, congratulations to @tri_thedon on running a 2:49 in the #BostonMarathon yesterday just six months after fracturing a cervical vertebra in a biking accident. Check out his incredible story in this last Sunday’s @nytimes and on @playerstribune. Less than 24 hours after the race, he’s back to work. 👏👊💪

Study after study has demonstrated that music can enhance exercise performance. It never hurts to do your own research, though, which is why my daughters did their obstacle course to “Highway to the Danger Zone” this morning. #topgun #cresseytwins #cspfamily #soundon

Fun fact: the reason I have no hair left is not that I am an entrepreneur or have two kids - or even that I have a family history of baldness. Rather, the problem is that I pulled all my hair out from having to repeatedly answer the question, “If you could only do one exercise, what would it be?” 🤨

It’s 81 degrees and sunny in Florida, but I’m in 29 degrees Massachusetts lifting in this while it snows. Thanks to @newbalance for the tights/shorts, @pedestalfootwear for the footwear, @uconnhuskies for the hat, @srshrek31 for the shirt...and Mother Nature for absolutely nothing. #cspfamily #boomshakalaka

You’ll see bear crawls coached several different ways. In our baseball population, I generally prefer this higher hips position, as it drives better scapular upward rotation in a population that tends to lose it as an adaptation to throwing. Try it out! #cspfamily

I’ll take hard work without structure over meticulous planning with no elbow grease.

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