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Eric Christian Olsen  Swims with dolphins. Gets stung by jellyfish. Forgives them for their transgressions.

On our drive home yesterday, I pulled over, rolled the windows down for the kids, and we all watched as the ocean swallowed the sun. "It is my favorite thing, I think, that I have ever seen. Sometimes I catch myself staring at it and forget my duties. It seems big enough to contain everything anyone could ever feel."
Anthony Doerr- All the Light We Cannot See #alittlebitofperfect

I told them we are getting a new dog, but the new dog is a bison, and the bisons name is Winthrop. Thanks @theanimalprintshop for the amazing gift. Wyatt wanted to hang it the bathroom "so he and Winthrop could talk while he's pooping" #reallife #itwouldbeanicetimetochat #livingthedream

Rain can't stop little Bears and Foxes when the sunsets are painted with honey.

When you want to go camping but football is on. @yeti this is covered under your warranty, right?

Oh sweet mother of Mary. Oliver Twist circa 1992. Bettendorf High School. I'm playing the Artful Dodger in the super discreet bright blue hat. And for all of you doing the math I was 14. Just living my best life; rollerblading to school, trying to build up the courage to kiss the girl that played Nancy, and patiently (not patiently) waiting for puberty. Thanks @saraholsenonline & @ericchristianolsenfans for finding this gem. #bettendorfhighschool #livingthedream #ecopup if you recognize somebody in this photo PLEASE tag them.

@onegunranch killed it today with an amazing charity concert for the Malibu and Paradise CA fire victims. Thanks to @oneloveranch @unitedway @reallindaperry @malibufoundation @toripraver @kellgrom @Gwen stefani @katyperry @brandicarlile @natashabedingfield @graciascalifornia @whitneycummings -- Community coming together to show that Love prevails.

In tonight's brand new episode of @ncisla I fight crime while evidently riding a skateboard. I have no recollection of this skinny-jeans-ladened-smoke-show photoshoot but it's crime fighting potential looks Wildly Effective. #skinnyjeans #comingforyou

This picture almost does justice to how much I adore this man @michaelmweatherly and this project. Congrats to Jessica, Kate, and Tiffany who all battled to tell the best version of this search for identity. I know I'm going to sound like a freshman senator bursting with idealism, but I'm so impassioned by the work we are doing at CNP; Giving a platform to unique and necessary voices that help change perspectives with empathy, advocate justice through truth, and use the commonality of love to drive out systemic darkness. As my dad always quoted from the Talmud - "Do not be daunted by the enormity of the worlds grief. Do justly now. Love mercy now. Walk humbly now. You are not obligated to complete the work, but neither are you free to abandon it." Deadline Link in bio ❤️

This Reposted video (Driving on PCH passing the remains of Malibu Seafood south of Latigo canyon) is a terrifying window into the inferno last night. This is a #Repost of the toughest guy in malibu and even he looks nervous @lairdhamiltonsurf ・・・
Now I know why I learned at an early age not to mess with mother nature. There is too much ground to cover for the brave firefighters so many of the members of the community are doing their best. I want to thank my dear friend @elijah_a.b who stayed behind with me and fought the fire at my house and my neighbors. For now he helped me keep the home standing. Most importantly is that the humans are safe.

Watching safely from the palisades as our firefighters and first-responders battle to save Malibu. Lots of conversations with the kids about what's happening and how these firefighting superheroes put themselves in the path of danger to protect complete strangers. They are the best of us. So much respect and love for them. The kids asked if they could help, so we put together bags of supplies and brought them to our local firehouse. They needed energy bars, eye drops, face wipes, chapstick (Thanks @baeobaby for letting us raid your inventory), sunscreen, protein bars, and hydration packs. Or donate directly at the link in @lafdfoundation The firehouse told us there are 900 firefighters battling the blaze right now. #woolseyfire #LAFD #calfire #firefighters

You wanna know what @sophiabush and @nina are so excited about in my selfie from the #telethonforamerica call center tonight?!? Frickin' Democracy! That's right party people, tomorrow will be the most important midterm election of our collective lives. So grab all your apathetic friends and I'll swing by in my mini van and drive you all to the polls tomorrow morning. I'm gonna put Journey on repeat and make the rounds. Let's do this American! Let's exercise our commitment to humanity! @whenweallvote #vote

@butchwalker has an amazing charity @theautumnleavesproject that put on the most magical concert this weekend in Topanaga and raised so much money to fight pancreatic cancer. These forest creatures ran concession and we are pretty sure that 2/3rds of the missing tacos and guacamole ended up in her belly. check @butchwalker link in bio for all the amazing details! #thatstancetho

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