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Eric Christian Olsen  Swims with dolphins. Gets stung by jellyfish. Forgives them for their transgressions.

Sometimes he just wants to hold hands while he falls asleep. Life is so fleeting. Embrace the magic.

It's official, after using this @paperclip_life diaper bag for the last month I can honestly say I love it. Created by my buddy @ajbuckley007. He's just trying to give me some swagger back while I haul around pink unicorn diapers and nipple cream. #dadgameisstrong

Ooooh Brazil you so fancy with your gif on fire. @ncisla returns to @canalae today!! #ncisla #brazil

"Dada , there's a dance floor. That means we have to dance a long long time!" #killingit

When 🐻smells 🥓

Dinner with four of my favorite girls on the planet and a very lucky little bear. Thank u Chef Ray at the Fish House for blowing our minds again. So much love and laughter with homemade ratatouille to melt the bear's heart. Editors note: Check out the massive CAULDRON of crab and lobster that Sarah singlehandedly took down like a spartan warrior. #littlebitofperfect

4 day weekend = escape to paradise. One of the great things about having kids is being able to build sand castles again without looking like a crazy person. Thanks for the tools @fsoahu

When u gotta keep your eyes open to shoot bad guys but u also see a publicity camera so u gotta keep your squint game on point. #reallifeproblems #newepisode #tonight #ncisla

I Love this charity. @awalkonwater Provides surf therapy to kids and adults with special needs. I'm not sure there is anything more beautiful than the smiles on these kids faces when they come out of the water for the first time. Love spawns love.

@sxsw is about to get lit on fire by my girl @reneefelicesmith and @christophergabriel. @therelationtrip is a staggeringly honest, blisteringly creative, and wickedly funny film about the obstacles we manifest in our desperate journeys for love and connection. I love it. I love them.

When your WHIRLPOOL dryer LIGHTS on FIRE and they send a safety team 5 days later to confirm that it did indeed "light on fire" ... Good work guys. Anybody else have this happen? Should we start a #classactionlawsuit

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