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Eric Christian Olsen  Swims with dolphins. Gets stung by jellyfish. Forgives them for their transgressions.

While @piercebrownofficial and I are out in the world trying to slay dragons this is what my wife sends me. A pic of Taco Tuesday with the bears and a squish to lure me back home.

Just because we are some bad hombres over here on @ncisla doesn't mean our Tea Party Game can't be STRONG. Thank u Sam Dog for classing up the joint and @goldenmoontea for making the best tea on the planet that doesn't posion us with pesticides, artificial or "natural" flavors, and plastic Tea bags. This is not a sponsored post, I just support anybody that's trying to de-industrialize our food. #cleaneating

@danielaruah balanced breakfast after a self imposed decree of "no more donuts"
Pineapple. Avocado. Breakfast quesadilla. Chocolate Chip Muffinzzzzzz. #ineedacleverhastag #takenbeforepassover

When national sibling day is also pizza day. Which, let's be honest, is everyday. #nationalsiblingday #pizzaday

I love this pic of two of my favorites: @bennyboom and @kharimoto dropping knowledge on what appears to be a 12 year old version of me. If anybody saw this scene you know I had a lot of lines and I said MOST of them in order. 📸by @jacqniv

I'm auctioning off my body (via coffee date) for @leukemialymphomasociety and @50shadesofgabay and because it sounds so fun I'm gonna rope in @danielaruah so she can pay for our lattes. Link in my bio.

My favorite part of my buddy @jaychandrasekhar autobiographical adventures in filming making isn't when he heaps praise on the acting prowess and sexual gravitas of the Germans in Beerfest it's the part when he fully admits to committing credit card fraud under the name of Dr. Chandrasekhar to get the money to finish their first movie Puddle Cruiser. I love this man, I love this book. #Beerfest2 #potfest #whatsthatmeow? #theforceisstrongwiththisone

What a sleepy sad moose looks like at 5am.

Sometimes he just wants to hold hands while he falls asleep. Life is so fleeting. Embrace the magic.

It's official, after using this @paperclip_life diaper bag for the last month I can honestly say I love it. Created by my buddy @ajbuckley007. He's just trying to give me some swagger back while I haul around pink unicorn diapers and nipple cream. #dadgameisstrong

"Dada, there's a dance floor. That means we have to dance a long long time!" #killingit

When 🐻smells 🥓

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