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Eric Christian Olsen  Swims with dolphins. Gets stung by jellyfish. Forgives them for their transgressions.

13 days until deeks is officially dead. #season10 #ncisla #ohhedead #theyreplacemewithasquirrelfortherestoftheseasonandnobodywillnotice thanks @eco.wild for the cool edit

Cinderella story, Outta nowhere. #littlebitofperfect #dadlife

Growing up as a kid in Iowa my perception of my heroes was embarrassingly simplistic. I saw them as one dimensional god like creatures that lived on a plane different than my own. The polished marketing, the 80's action figure mentality of infallible perfection. Their god like abilities seems effortless, and without mortal struggles, and more importantly without my struggles. It was a unhealthy comparison because when I failed, when I stumbled, or struggled with the obstacles of life I felt less than by comparison. That's why we are so proud of Kissed By God. We highlighted a giant, an icon of mine and the world of surfing and we told the human side of his journey. This was a man that won 3 surfing world titles, but behind the polished podium and slick marketing campaigns was a man struggling just like the rest of us. A man searching for love, acceptance, and identify. He was battling a crushing opioid addiction, and a bi-polar disorder all while carrying the crown on his head. The truth is our non cinematic heroes are Human; Just like you. Just like me. This film tells that necessary story. This is the heartbreaking complexity and staggering beauty of the human condition. Thank u to @tetongravity for the passion and dedication to getting this story right and subsequently changing perspectives and thank u to @chrishemsworth for producing this and using your platform to paint the authenticity of one of our heroes. We are officially on itunes! Link in my Bio. #andyironskissedbygod

More little fox speeches from the back of the truck about "owls trying to steal her milkys" #littlebitofperfect #antiOWL #owlsaretakingourjobs

Every year in Remembrance of all the lives that were lost on 9-11 and the soldiers that subsequently dedicated their lives to protect this country we do a charity moto ride to the 9-11 memorial on the hillside of Pepperdine. This ride helps raise money for the @whiteheart foundation and their mission to directly serve the needs of our severely injured warriors. Next to me in this picture is Triple Amputee US Army Spc Jose Martinez @1guru1 This stud is an american hero, not only for his dedication and service to our country but also for his passion and fervor for life. Jose lost both legs and his right arm in Kandahar and he can still kick my ass and keep us laughing while doing it. He's an inspiration for all of us on how to overcome insurmountable obstacles with positivity and heart. He is the best of us, and we celebrate him along with all the other men and women that dedicated their lives to something greater than themselves. #neverforgotten Click on the @whiteheart link to donate!!

Believe in something, even if it means sacrificing everything. #nike #rightsideofhistory

When I put the little fox to sleep and accidentally pass out mid snuggle after singing Take Me Home Country Road 11 times at 7:45pm. That's right i slept 10
hours last night. #partylife Thanks for the pic with flash @swrightolsen - what i assumed was a lighting storm inside our bedroom.

Our heartbreaking and life affirming Andy Irons documentary "Kissed by God" is back touring the country. Link in my bio for upcoming cities. Then we go INTERNATIONAL. Give a shout out for your country and tag @tetongravity is you want us to come to your town. #tetongravityresearch #andyironskissedbygod

When u bleeding out and the truck is on fire but your hair game is still strong. #ncisla #season10 #despiteproofofthecontraryimstickingwithdeeksbeingdead

I wasn't sure what to do with all the leftover @tendergreens movie night popcorn, turns out @swrightolsen had a plan. Or maybe this was her plan all along....Our fridge is full of left over beer, popcorn, and salmon....Oh, dear god, she's a genius. An evil genius.

Birthday extravaganza for the little bear and fox thanks to our friends @tendergreens dialing in the most beautifully delicious spread of the century! #cleaneating #tendergreens #notanaddjustafan

The season 9 Finale airs tonight in Brazil and Latin america! In honor of that i've taught myself portuguese using youtube tutorials over lunch. Here goes nothing: Vocês não podem perder o #FinaldeTemporada de #NCISLA, Brasil! Fiquem ligados no dia 24, no @canalae, e vocês não vão se arrepender #ncisla #brazil
How'd i do? I'm gonna work on my spanish now.

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