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Eric Christian Olsen  Swims with dolphins. Gets stung by jellyfish. Forgives them for their transgressions.

A perfectly normal Monday seems like the appropriate moment to celebrate Wyatt's birth: A Home birth. 17 hours of active labor which included 1000 squats, 4 hours of walking hills in the dark, 5 hours in a birth tub, 2 hours of stairs in the backyard, 4 Hours of insane pushing until she snapped a rib. And, the harrowing negotiation of a stuck baby finally led to the birth of our collective hearts. Watching this mama warrior bring Wyatt into the world opened a dimension of love that I didn't know I was capable of. I'm not just talking about the feeling of purpose that shot threw my veins as I looked at that goo-covered alien, I'm talking about being overwhelmed with pride, respect, and prehistoric awe as I watched this woman do something that can only be described as Miraculous. Everybody who knows her, knows how lucky i am to have her as my partner and be the mother of these incredible children. There isn't a day that goes by as i watch her lead her life with love and joy that i don't feel grateful for this woman. Hallmark can have it's mother's day, we should celebrate the magic of Mothers everyday. #mamas #mamastrong #grateful #magical

Tonight. Two hour Finale. We will "not go gentle into that good night. Rage Rage against the dying of the light. -DT ncisla art by @eco.wild

This picture is a perfect representation of what i love about my job. This was hour 14 on a long day. We are covered in dirt, and grass, scraped up from (watching my brother) tumble down a cliff, and finding joy in all of it. Making a living doing what u love, with people that u respect, is one of the blessings I take stock in everyday. Thank u @cbstv & @cbstvstudios for such a great run. #blessed #grateful #notinthatdoucheyinstagramwayintheREALway #ncisla

An amazing way to end a day of adventures in NYC. Pizza, NBA playoffs, and the bear passing out while snuggling on the couch. #littlebitofperfect #nyc #snuggles #snugglecity #dadlife

SQUAD #nyc

Just another day in the office. Protecting the innocent, taking down bad guys, and double fisting chai tea lattes. #werk #ncisla #thehustle

Tell me this is NOT a picture of a naked @chrisodonnell behind a surfboard rocking a 70's stash and a deeks haircut and i will call u a LIAR. A LIAR my dear man.

Genius. I can't stop watching this video. Social-Political-Human Commentary at its finest. #thisisamerica #childishgambino art by @rahiem_milton

When u eat your whole bowl of raspberries like a crazed hyena and then come to the sudden realization that your brother has the last remaining raspberry in all of space and time. #thestruggleisreal #raspberries #edwardfruithands #yolo

Last night at the Kissed By God Premiere with the amazing @tetongravity team. I've watched 37 different cuts of this documentary and i've cried 37 times. NOT the kind of tears that pool up and hang out in your eyes, the kind of tears that cascade down your cheeks. The kind of tears that help cleanse the soul.
This film is a beautiful exploration into the human element of one of my heroes Andy Irons. Andy was a God in the world of surfing but in life he was battling the complexities of a bi-polar disorder and drug addiction. But more than that he was just like the rest of us, a man struggling for meaning, hope, identity, and love. His story is the Hero's Journey in the most epic and tragic sense of the term. I love this Documentary and I couldn't be more proud to be an Executive Producer on it. I can't wait for all of you to experience it. #kissedbygod #andyirons #aiforever #MAY31st #750theaters #ONENIGHTONLY

When u finally get your first real beard scruff and u call your buddy to come shoot new headshots asap.
Him: Where, just you on this bench?
Me: yeah that seems good.
Him: you gonna leave your lips open like a thirsty confused squirrel?
Me: yeah that seems good.
Him: you gonna just lean back like an asshole?
Me: yeah that seems good.
#oldheadshotday #workit #workitgurl #modellife #thirstyconfusedsquirrel #asshole #thathairtho

Whats that u say? Pastel Blue? Side eye concern look? Collars up? i got you. i GOT you! #ncisla #impostingthewrongpictures #idontknowwhatepisodewereon #isthisreallife

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