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Eric Benét 

@simonjakops brought a bunch of talented new artists from the Avex label to come out to see my show! How damn adorable are they!? Much happiness and success to you all!!

Catch me if you can! #tourlife

Look at my amazing cousins turning family tragedy into something healing and beautiful! We miss you Teri!! 🙏🏽❤️Please repost and support!! #Repost @haileeali with @noah_rev @get_repost
Hey Everybody!!!
Thank For All The Wonderful Support We Have Gotten Thus Far! If You Would Like To Donate Anything Pleeeease Let Me Know! I Have Put Together A List Below Of Things We Need!
Anything Helps, All For The Kids!!!

☆ERIC BENÉT (2.12 tue., 2.13 wed., 2.14 thu., 2.15 fri.) @bluenotetokyo @ericbenet

When your at the hotel bar ...and someone shows you a CASSETTE TAPE (google it youngun’s) of your 1st release with your amazing sister @lisabeads from 1992 !!!

Had the honor of singing not just one of my favorite James Ingram songs ...but one of my favorite all time songs ever (JUST ONCE) at the @perfectworldfdn tribute to @quincydjones last year. In front of the guy who produced it (Quincy Damn Jones) What a loss to the world. Conversations with James would have you crying laughing at his “lack of filter” with his riveting and detailed recollections of his life in the music industry and his Illustrious career within it. What a voice!!! You will be greatly missed my brother! #ripjamesingram #justonce

I’m sure mainstream news won’t do this legend justice. What a spirit, what an impact to the industry and WHAT A VOICE!!! Huge loss. #ripjamesingram

Dog whistles are so 2009.

Thanks Houston! Love u fa reelz! and @rosetta2g 📸

As priceless as this is now, just imagine....20 years from now when Mommy and Daddy are searching for video clips to play at the Grammy nomination party for her rock band, “LUNA AND THE LONELYHEARTS” ...everyone will be so amazed that Daddy actually recorded this historic moment when Luna played the guitar “cool” for the 1st time.

My little Luna knows that her character is important. That kindness matters. We talked about her character being like a kindness superhero that goes around helping people. She loves to do that! She also told me that sometimes her “character” wants to karate chop people 😂😂 I told her I understood, Mama and Daddy too! Nobody’s perfect, but we sure are trying! Thank you Martin Luther King, Jr. for your example 🙏🏽 #mlkday2019 @manuelatestolini #bethechange #love4oneanother #inaperfectworld #iapw

When ur in the Bay...u gotta represent. @hellabaydeezy

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