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Erica Kastner  Mom to two little munchkins. Wife to a stoic. Matcha lover. Sourdough baker. Jesus follower.

February 20. One week old! πŸ’—

February 19. Queen Elsa showing off her creation. 😊

February 17. Caught Anya "smiling" in her sleep. Reuben helped the kids build a snow fort. The kids enjoyed their presents from Grandma. 😊

February 16. Soaking up the baby cuddles and playing with "new" toys (Reuben took out toys from his childhood to keep the kids entertained).

February 14. Day 2. Getting in some snuggle time with Helen and James! 😊

February 13. Just a couple of hours out in this bright world! Little Anya arrived almost 2 weeks early, and on Helen's birthday. I definitely wasn't expecting that!
πŸ“· by Reuben.

February 6. Jim's birthday! I let him decide what he wanted to eat for 2 of his Bday meals, so he had granola for breakfast and waffles for supper. He originally requested cake for supper, but a mom's gotta draw the line somewhere. 😜

February 5. 37 weeks! Early term. Messy hair and no makeup, didn't care at that point. πŸ˜…

February 2. Birthday celebration day! The kids got to help make their cakes. We got Jim a ninja outfit and Helen an Elsa dress, both of which were a smashing success.

February 2. I never thought I could be the girl that washed her hair once a week, yet here I am doing it! This is 7 day old hair with 6 day old curls. 😳 IDK if it's a combo of dry winter + pregnancy hormones + products, but I'm in love with it!

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