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Erica Kastner  Mom to two little munchkins.

July 8. We took a day trip to the cabin.
1. Judah fishing (he actually caught a fish!).
2. Tubers relaxing on the lake.
3. πŸ‰ smash!
4. and 5. - A snack of blueberries and cream.
6. The kiddie picnic table. 😊

July 6. Acting all cool while we applied for our passports. 😎

The thunder storm the evening of the 4th of July. Reuben said it was like God laughing at our puny fireworks.

4th of July. Water party at Reuben's family's place! We had lunch and then headed down to the lake. The kids loved the water slide...well, Helen was a bit terrified. Haha!

4th of July Parade! The parade was actually held on Sunday, July 2nd. It was right around lunch time, so I quickly made a smoothie and some popcorn after church.
Photo 4: James has never had a sucker, thus he had no idea which was the proper end to stick in his mouth. πŸ˜‚
Instead of Helen eating all that candy, we let her eat a bit and exchange the rest for a tea set. Reuben also encouraged her to give some of it to her cousins (sorry, Audra!).

June 29. The lone strawberry that I was able to harvest from my garden. Pretty sure squirrels or some other critter ate the others. 😀

June 24. We got to watch little Reina for the morning. I had to sweep my floors - she likes to taste EVERYTHING. πŸ˜‚ When James woke up, I took Reina in to get him up. James popped his head up and said, "Rei-Rei!" He had never said her name unprompted before. 😊

June 24. This is so James. Stoic, and a toy vehicle by his side. πŸ˜‚ I wonder if he'll stay this way and be an introvert, or morph into the world's most talkative extrovert?

June 18. Playing pirate spyglass with Grandpa Kastner. Argh! 😊

Last one from June 17 (it was a productive day). I'm letting Helen grow her hair out long (she wants long to drag on the floor). She was kind of offended when I cut my hair last year. So I made sure to only take a tiny bit from the ends. Still looks more tidy! 😊

June 17 again. Before & After. I decided to tackle my little garden. Of course it started to rain almost as soon as I began weeding. But I managed to get it looking quite a bit better (except for the poison ivy patch).

June 17. A rare occasion: I went shopping all by myself! We started our Saturday with our traditional Blueberry Dutch Baby. Then I did the weekly grocery shop (alone!) and also stopped by a thrift store. I didn't get this dress.

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