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Erica Lea | Buttered Side Up  Inspiring you to get in the kitchen one real-food recipe at a time! Obsessed with: Grass-fed butter (duh!), anything copper, and my little family.

3 random things about me:
1) I LOVE dark chocolate. Milk chocolate is just too sweet for me! I'll convert Reuben one least he buys the good stuff for me. 😊
2) I think "fake" maple syrup is way gross. I'd rather eat my pancakes or waffles with just butter than pour that stuff over it!
3) One of my biggest dreams/goals in my life is to be able to travel the world. I'd love to see Italy, Bora Bora, England, Germany...the list goes on!
If you could travel anywhere in the world (all expense aside), where would you go?
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Check out my latest post on the @pwfoodfriends section of Pioneer Woman's blog: Marinated Chicken Salad! This ain't no wimpy salad. It has lots of good protein and fat: marinated chicken, softly boiled eggs, parmesan cheese, kalamata olives, and a homemade dressing (which doubles as the marinade). Add it to your meal plan for next week! Go grab the recipe on the Food & Friends section of PW's blog.
#pwfoodfriends #saladforsupper

I don't know about you, but I LOVE a good carbonara. I made it a little more seasonal by adding asparagus and leeks. But let's be honest: it's just an excuse to eat more bacon, cream, and eggs.
Grab the recipe on the blog (search the archives for "Leek, Asparagus, and Bacon").
#ButteredSideUp #pasta #carbonara #asparagus

If you'd like to see photos of nature and my kids, go follow me on my personal Instagram profile, @ericaleaphotos -- I decided that it was time to create separate accounts. I'll still post "real life" photos here occasionally, but it's gonna be food for the most part.
These are apple blossoms from my dad's trees. Aren't they beauties! I love spring...
#minnesota #minnesotaspring

Dear Mom: Sorry for all the times I complained about those certain meals you cooked for us from scratch. I realize (now that I have rascals of my own) just how ungrateful kids can be. Even if mushroom soup or quiche lorraine weren't my favs, I should have kept my mouth shut about it. πŸ˜‰ Thanks for not throwing in the towel and cooking us ramen noodles for every meal. I think I owe my love of homemade food to you. Love you!
And Happy Mother's Day to y'all!

Confession: I've NEVER liked store-bought pudding. In any form: canned, instant powder, or those pudding cups. My mom would make it from scratch and we would have it over ice cream. I mean, how could anything else compare? I shared a bit about my mom and this amazing homemade chocolate pudding over on @pwfoodfriends! The other Food & Friends contributors also shared about their moms - it's a fun read. 😊 Go check it out! #pwfoodfriends

Dutch babies are a big deal in our house. It isn't a proper Saturday if there isn't a Dutch baby! We usually opt for blueberry (which amazing, BTW), but I like to switch it up every now and then. This savory version has sausage, mushrooms, cheddar, and chives. πŸ˜‹ So good with butter (grass-fed, duh!). You could actually serve this for supper as well! Grab the recipe on ze blog (link you-know-where).
#ButteredSideUp #dutchbaby

Who's looking forward to Mother's Day? Do you have any plans? If you're having brunch (or bringing breakfast in bed to anyone), I have over 30 recipe ideas for a real-food brunch. I have it categorized into pancakes/waffles, eggs, muffins/scones/biscuits, toast, and miscellaneous. I want someone to make it all for me. Please. 😬 Head over to the blog to get the recipe roundup. And double tap if you love brunch as much as I do. πŸ³πŸžπŸ“β˜•οΈπŸ½πŸ˜‹ Bottom center photo by @beets_and_bones - the rest are mine. 😊
#ButteredSideUp #mothersday #brunch #reciperoundup

NEW POST: Einkorn Pizza Dough! Einkorn can be a little tricky to work with, but if you treat it right, it's delicious. Grab the recipe + some tips for homemade pizza on the blog!
#ButteredSideUp #pizza #einkorn

NEW POST: I've got a Mother's Day Gift Guide for the food-loving mom in your life! Whether she's a foodie, cooking enthusiast, baker, coffee/tea lover, or hostess, I'm pretty sure you'll find something on my list that she'll enjoy.
Go check out the guide on Buttered Side Up!
#ButteredSideUp #giftsforher

Making yogurt at home is pretty easy. I've got a tutorial over on @pwfoodfriends - go check it out! I also shared how to make Greek yogurt. πŸ˜‹
What are YOUR favorite yogurt toppings?

Sometimes, using up leftovers gets your creative juices flowing. I had some leftover tortellini from a soup I made, so I threw some diced tomatoes, spices, sundried tomatoes, and arugula in a pan for a super quick lunch. I served it with leftover cheesy biscuits (with plenty of butter, duh).
Have you transformed any leftovers lately?
#ButteredSideUp #leftoversforlunch

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