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9 years ago seems like yesterday

Marriage Quickie:
I have hundreds of pics in my phone of my husband and I, that I don't post. I keep them to myself. And one thing Rahsaan gets on me about is always pulling out my phone to snap a quick pic. Here's why I still do it: I'm big on capturing a pic of a great time. It provides a great point of reflection. ESPECIALLY on those low days. Every marriage goes through highs and lows. My transparency has provided a light that draws wives to me whenever they're going through and one thing I say is remember the good times spent with your husband. You love him, you just don't like him right now. Think back on a time that you enjoyed and laughed together. It helps tremendously when I have a picture to go back to that brings up every feeling from the time it was snapped. I know, I in the moment right?! You can still be IN it and it takes 1 second to snap a genuine picture. Keep them stored up as your personal movie of love and laughter ❤ I PROMISE you it will instantly change your mind.
This is one of those times we were child free and thought we could hang. We caught a midnight showing of Superfly and had more fun talking about how "seasoned" we've become compared to years ago when it was nothing to hang all night. I caught this one on the escalator. Looking at this pic instantly floods my mind with the jokes we shared that night. .

Much Love to you all today ❤ trouble doesn't last and things do get better.


Releasing and making room.

Yesterday was #InternationalSelfCareDay. However, any day is a good day for #selfcare Whatever your excuse, you’re never too busy for self-care. It may feel overwhelming to start something new or add something to your schedule, but self-care does not need to be time consuming. #GetAMassage #TakeAWalk #DrinkSomeWater #EatClean #Relax #ReadABook #SaveYourMoney

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Because everybody who came with you can’t go with you! You can’t bring all that baggage (negativity) into the place he’s about to take you to....there is no room for it.
In the hard times and the must have your thinking caps on and your listening ears turned all the way up...because he’s trying to tell you something. There is a lesson that comes from every trial!
Letting go is hard....letting go of people is even harder, letting go of people you love is the hardest! But if you don’t have a peace of will be no good to yourself or the people who really loves you!
You have to treat your mind like you do your body. If something is hurting your body you move away from it. People underestimate the mind. It can sometimes hurt more than physical pain!
So, sit back and buckle up and prepare for your blessing!