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You can't tell your children that they can be anything they want to be and do whatever they set their mind to if they've seen you give up.
Yasmine has seen me accomplish everything I said I would so far and now I am taking on something that is extremely challenging, way out of my comfort zone and although I've struggled, I'm pressing through.
I have 2 more chapters to get through studying this week. I must've looked overwhelmed because she just came into the kitchen with post-its, highlighters, and note tabs, and broke each chapter down into sections and said "instead of writing your notes in a notebook, try writing them on these mini post-its and just stick them in the book itself. Try it a different way. Get to this tab and take a break. You can do this Mommy."
Sometimes, the student becomes the teacher.
I don't know if she would've done this if she didn't know what I was doing now.
Tell your children what you're doing, what you're going after. They WANT to see you win! They will push you. ESPECIALLY when "it" seems stronger and bigger than you!

Dear husband,
A year ago today you stepped out to walk through an opened door and found us a home in our new territory. A year ago today you decided to give God your "yes" and step out of the boat. I believe it was the thing to leads to THE THING!
Many had different reasons, rumors lol #weknow and justifications of why we left. Heck, we had different reasons and justifications. But really only you, myself, and God truly know why. Sometimes it doesn't even make sense to our kids.
Watching things rear it's head and come out of the "folds" as Pastor Toure puts it, has been a soul stirring experience! It's amazing what happens when all we have is each other. No other distractions (distractions are not always negative, they can be dressed up as good intentions) just us and the promises of God. That's it. We've had some great years, but I can honestly say this one so far has been the most "unbecoming". And there were times within this past year when I questioned things and myself. And you have always maintained that you know we are supposed to be here. And you have been right. "Here" is more than a physical place.
You are the best to do this life on earth with. And the best to create what will live here long after we've left. -
We're approaching our 1 yr anniversary of #lifeinColorado so LET'S HAVE OUR CAKE AND EAT IT TOO!
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Excerpt from my book *I promise it's coming*
"God sees our brokenness in the polishing and smoothes and shines it right on up, through revealing and healing. The worst in us doesn't define us. Remember, ALL things work together for the good of them who love God and are called according to HIS purposes!" .
β€œBut He knows the way I take (and pays attention to it). When He has tried me, I will come forth as (refined) gold (pure and luminous)." Job 23:10

Our son
Being free and happy, doing what he loves: singing and making me laugh
I don't own the rights to this music
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Respond differently than you're used to when "bad" things (they're all good when you love God and are called) happen and watch how your life changes.

That thing could be the thing that leads you to THE thing!

Today felt like a good day to twin with the littles ❀❀❀
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So much to smile about. If you're struggling with finding a reason to, just place your hand on your chest and feel your heart beating. You have life. Life means opportunity. Opportunity means to give what you have that the world needs.
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This smile πŸ’–
We keep asking her to say "this" πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Only picture I managed to take. And she lost the 2nd top front tooth yesterday morning, so it definitely was a day of treats! My baby, the last of the "firsts" and now with the toothless smile.

True story. This was me and Baby Love this morning! I enjoy looking at the creativity of costumes and all, but...

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