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Dear God,
Thank you.


Join me this evening, 6PM EST, over on Facebook for a very special live chat with my daughter. We're talking about school, peer pressure, social media, her perspective of my generation and whether or not we're good models for them, love, friendships, EVERYTHING. I'm moving on something that was placed on my heart 3 years ago, bringing forth a conversation for mothers and daughters. Grab your daughters and join us!

We have a 17 year old! Happy Birthday to our 1st born and leader of the #grierkids @yasmineamiera_
Her name means beautiful flower, princess. She is blossoming into a very well rounded and emotionally balanced young woman. It's Thursday so I thought I'd share a few throwbacks. I intentionally chose pivotal moments in her life. And then I realized after I looked at them, that Rahsaan and I are right there, on both sides of her. There's a lot of times we don't get it right, she's our first so everything concerning her is our first time at it. However, we learn and we keep moving as her parents, allowing space for her growth.
The first pic, very blurry, comes from 2002. This was from her dedication. Babies are a gift to the world for God's glory, so we gave her back to Him; fully trusting his guidance as 1st time young parents.
The next 2 pics come from our wedding day #dontjudgemybrows thin was in back then lol. The photographer instructed Yasmine to stand on this ledge and she was afraid of falling. After we reassured her that she was safe, you see in the next pic that she cleaved onto Rahsaan. Although she still didn't smile, I know she was secure from holding onto her daddy. Because she knew early on, no matter how scary it seems that we had her. .
The last pic is from her 16th birthday. This is shortly after Rahsaan presented her with a diamond promise ring, both of them committing their faithfulness. Him to her as her father and protector, and her unto God for purity until she takes a husband.
We will always be by her side. Period.

She turns 17 tomorrow. Wow. WOW!
Join us over on Facebook for a special live video, mother and daughter discussion. It was placed on my heart 3 years ago to bridge the gap between my generation and hers, and have an honest discussion of how we look to them and the model we're setting for her generation. Fast forward to now and it's FINALLY happening tomorrow! Grab your daughters, no matter the age and join us tomorrow evening for a very special unscripted chat.


I can almost write this myself!!! Except it's been 4 years for me beyond the hairstyling chair. I've been about this life for most of my life.
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When your faith is fully activated, your purpose is clear, and you understand and have seen firsthand that God’s promise that you will reap what you sow never fails, you can give to others without any expectation of receiving anything in return. Most will only serve if they can see an immediate reward. I’ve been pouring into women for almost 5 years and many of the ones I’ve directly impacted have never even bothered to visit the website, let alone sow a seed into this movement. However as much as I’ve poured, I’ve never gone empty. I’ve never been without the finances or resources to continue pursuing my purpose or pushing this movement. I always have exactly what I need when I need it to keep going. I pour fearlessly and faithfully because I’m clear about where my blessings come from. Many of us worry too much about the future because we don’t have enough faith that things are already worked out. The thing I admire about animals is that they are obedient to their purpose and position without question. We often get in our own way because we want to do things our way instead of God’s way. Many of us stay stressed out because we can’t see certain things happening in our lives yet, not realizing that things are already working out and manifesting behind the scenes. I don’t need any of my sisters to support me for me to support them. I give love because the world needs more of it. I show support because I understand the power of sending out the energy you want to receive. I’ve been blessed for no other reason than I have genuinely good intentions and consistently perform positive actions. It’s not luck or magic, it’s all purpose and blessings.a

Hey Monday heyyyy!
My husband is literally evolving before my eyes into answered prayers from years ago. I clearly remember the early morning I cried out and told God I was done, that I was walking away and moving forward single. There was a calmness that came over me and I heard Luke 1:45. I had seen long before who Rahsaan was, but the right then didn't line up with it. GOD reminded me that I was a process as well and the best things take time. "Take your hands and words off of him, redirect them to me, move out of my way and trust Me." Those were the words I heard in the stillness

Neither of us are perfect, but we're chosen. And we chose each other. For every level there IS a new devil. Attacks come in all forms and through any available person!
However, where there's a will there's a way.

And victory is yours when you let God fight your battles. You've already won!

My husband is evolving and becoming and I'm grateful. His soul is prospering.
The best things take time 💛


Just stop. You already know they won't see it.
#setapart #aintforeverybody

Who wants to join me???
Day 2
Let's go!
I'd love to start a private discussion group to discuss the process and scripture, prayers and revelations if I have anyone who wants to join me.
#proverbs31 #evolve #prayer #focus

"Forgive them for they know not what they do." And then love them from a very far distance. ❤
#boundariesarehealthy and necessary for self care.

The sun said "I'll be your highlighter and filter"
I couldn't pass it up 🌞
#sunnycolorado #shining #noneedformakeup here just use the sun

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