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Erica Grier  I am a Royal Queen. I have Power and Authority; Glory, Honor and Dominion! Follow my business page @_salon_e


Early mornings and even later nights...

Happy Birthday to a REAL one!!!! @bowladye
May this year be your best year of life yet!!! Love you!!!!!

Little girls are still little girls...

His fine chauffeur today. I'm giving him this one day off from driving. Tomorrow it's back to our regularly scheduled program, driving 364 days

Happy Father's Day to my husband and bestfriend! These pics are so special to me. You were so young, so clueless and scared, yet committed to being everything she needed and giving her everything she wanted. One thing that can and will never be questioned is your love for our children! Thank you for not allowing your limitations to limit you. Thank you for stepping up and growing to the challenge. Thank you for running to their room when they cry and have a nightmare to comfort them back to sleep. And letting them ride on your neck when we walk, making them tallest of all. Thank you for telling me that the weird stuff our son does is normal and a part of being a boy. Thank you for loving me and making me laugh. And for doing it in front of them. That's important. And thank you for having inside jokes with them. I get a little annoyed not knowing what y'all are laughing at, but it's special to them so it's cool lol Thank you for giving them experiences that will forever be in their heart and starting traditions that they will carry on with their families. You are such a great dad. It's said that women marry their fathers. For the longest time I didn't believe that because my father was absent. Then one day you threw Gabby in the air and caught her and I had a memory come to heart of my dad doing that with me. In that moment I realized that perhaps I married who my dad was in his youth and would've been in his adult life had he not given into the pressures and failures of life. And I'm grateful. Extremely grateful, that you have given our children something that neither of us had, and that's a Father. We love you to LIFE Grier ❤


He's so hype lol
First co-ed party

You can't pour from an empty cup sis...

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