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Erica ⬇️150 Lbs SW: 322 Lbs  #weightlosstransformation #weightlossjourney | Donut Advocate 🍩 | Personal Trainer | Motiv8 Athlete | SPRING CHALLENGE ENROLLMENT 👇🏼

Your body is a miracle

This is it!
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I want to build strong legs so I incorporate leg burners in between my supersets just to give a little extra 🔥 to my workout.
I use Flex Timer app and set my intervals between :30-45 seconds and can hear the countdown in my @beatsbydre. Works perfect.
Try some of these moves on your leg day!

Can’t ever take the crazy antics out of me!
Core stability and balance will always be a weak point for me, but today I decided to crank out this ninja-like move with the
I can only crank out about 8 at a time before my body wants to face plant 🙈

I woke up in a mood.
Don’t know why. No rhythm or reason. Just did.
And that’s okay. Sometimes it happens.
However I needed to change my frequency.
I was stuck on AM- Against Me.
My mood, thoughts and energy was against me from the start.
Recognize that within yourself and change it.
Change your frequency to FM- For You.
Your thoughts & general energy aren’t just thoughts and energies. They manifest into actions towards yourself and others.
Don’t get stuck in AM frequency.
Watch my IG stories to see how I make the switch

My amazing pastor, @charliedotblog of @citychurchday said a quote weeks ago that will always stick with me.
In order for it to be powerful, it needs to be personal.
Let that sink in.

It’s finally here! #IAM
It started with a dream between @indigolifemedia and myself with filming a reality show and changing lives of five women and inspiring transformation BEYOND just weight loss! Follow these five women in a 3 month transformational journey. No script. No retakes.
Premiering May 4th on @indigolifemedia network (click the link in their bio and visit!) .
One year later after all the long filming days and nights, long editing hours and a crew of 3 amazing people and myself- this “baby” has become a reality!
Tag someone you can’t wait to watch this series with!

to register .
Official Start Date will start April 23rd .
🌸 Workouts can be done at home with dumbbells but gym is recommend
🌸 FB Account is HIGHLY recommend. This is where we’ve grown our community, FB Lives and daily interaction happen
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🌸We also have special guest @jessicaortner Body Confidence Coach & Author
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Visit the link in my bio & snag your spot!
Who’s in already?!

This is a hard progress photo to show.
As many of you know I have been working hard to achieve metabolic repair which is a long and dedicated process. Who wants to eat pizza and spike up in weight and work 7 days to get it back down just for the cycle to happen all over again.
That’s not optimal living.
As someone who’s already lost 150+ lbs my body was going through another season and needed change
Working smarter, not harder.
The difference between both photos is less then 10 lbs & 4 months.
I’m eating more (Hello carbs 😍)
.Working out less (sure you see me dance on the stairs and assume I do it all the time but I only do cardio 4 times a week at 20-30 minutes) Majority of my workouts are 40 minutes and strength training.
My waist has gone down over 10 inches, my glutes are higher and my thighs are tighter. I’m carrying less water externally, and overall feel better.
I know so many will ask “what do I do, how do I achieve that? What did you do”
I’m going to tell you one thing- patience & consistency.
I can’t tell you what specifically you need to do from a comment you leave below because as a coach there’s so much client intake information I need to make informed suggestions & have weekly Skype calls with my clients for this reason
Im simply posting to show you there’s hope- there’s light at the end of the tunnel and to stop letting the scale define your success.

My 🍑 is on 🔥
.Add a few of these into your booty routine.
Squats, Dead’s & Lunges are great but sometimes you need a break and build your backside in other ways.
Don’t forget to activate before leg day work!

So many people sit on their booty all day and walk right into a lift without activation first. I’m telling you- activate first, avoid injury and watch your progress grow!

What’s for dinner?
Chicken Breast 🐔
.White Rice .
Shredded Brussels Sprouts
Drizzle of coconut oil to simmer and stir all cooked ingredients together

If there was a path in to our current situation that means there’s a path out! If you feel stuck in the same cycle of trying to get fit, losing weight, relationships, money, whatever it may be. Don’t look at it like “well, I walked into this and now I’m always stuck!” If there was a way in, there’s a way out!

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