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Erica Gelbard Callahan  Asst Director of Publicity at Clarkson Potter, Mom, baker, cookbook collector, Bravo addict, always searching for the perfect chocolate chip cookie

Work perk #5,027. Carrot cake at 2pm on a Monday. Thank you @ilovedaisycakes!! Your cakes are ridiculously good.

If standing over hot oil in the middle of the summer to make these cheesecake filled tacos is wrong, then I don't want to be right. Graham cracker dusted tacos with cheesecake filling. Topped with buncha crunch, because why not?

tfw your boss goes on her 4 week sabbatical but sends plenty of provisions to the office. Also, I hope I used tfw correctly because whenever anyone else uses it I have to google it and still am unsure. @lacroixwater @haribousa @ritzcrackers @newmansown

Every relationship hits a rough patch but I really think they'll make it through. cc: @louloujuly2 #cosie

I know all the cool kids post photos of themselves holding an ice cream cone in front of a millennial pink wall or something, but I'm really trying to make "ice cream cone cake pops in a @booninc baby bottle drying rack" happen. Vanilla cake pops for my absolutely adorable nephew's 1st bday party.

Champagne and truffle pairing. cc: @milkbarstore

My baby got his first haircut and now he no longer looks like a baby and I keep thinking I need another baby. Please send help!!!

Lemon poppyseed cake filled with fresh berries and topped with lemon cream cheese frosting. Thank you to my new insta friend @adefink for the inspiration and @bromabakery for the perfect recipe. Even after all of the @shakeshack we had plenty of room for cake.

Our work baby shower is better than your work baby shower! @shakeshack @clarksonpotter

Maybe one day I'll be as brave as my 6 year old.

I usually hate posting pictures of myself but there are few people that make me this incredibly happy. Happy Birthday to my oldest friend who is my heart. My family. Here's to another 30 plus years of laughing so hard it hurts. 💗

It might not be the prettiest cake but this brownie cake with cookie dough frosting was a special early birthday surprise for a very special friend. Her reaction when she tasted it plus the soul satisfying talk we had made this Friday pretty perfect. Happy early birthday @louloujuly2. I'm so lucky we've been having these talks for the last 30 years. Swipe ➡️ for more 🍰. Recipe from @iambaker

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