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Erica Lovell  I act and sing and write and stuff. And I have a cat. And a dog. Twitter: @Erica_Lovell

Cat dog sits on top of the armchair and snuggles your head.

Haz no energies to walk to bed.

As the weather cools down, this boy gets more and more snugly and likes to sleep on my bed curled up with the dog.

Dog thinks he is a cat.

It's dropped to 22 and it's raining so I got my doona!!!! Yay!!!!

Hot days mean snuggles have to be adapted.

House mates made sad erica a platter and served her wine in a measuring cup.

I love this little dude more than I thought it was possible to love a furry creature. I can't tell you how sick I felt when he went missing this week, and was gone over night. The relief when we found him! Really is this woman's best friend. Xxxx

Stocked up on toilet paper.

All the snuggles.

Will likes our new housemate more than me. Fuck you, will.