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He likes girls that get high
They have high ambitions/
They not a lil baby thats gonna listen
But will play billie holiday
On a 1954 record player.
Disregarding the naysayers/
She rolls a splif
Replays documentaries
Of the 1%/
a nomadic traveler
A galactic player
So her heart is never content.
Thinks of 10 impossible things before breakfast and how to barter instead of spend/
Conversion of Currency
Changing it from from
What it is currently/
Because change is inevitable/
No change to jingle just fold.
Transported back to boom boxes on your shoulder
Where passion is your paycheck
And no talks of #nwo/
Where being different is the order
And souls have room to declutter.
Where fresh air is mandatory
And isnt bottled/
A place that requires you to live life full throttle
And the media doesnt bottle feed bullshit/
Puts the blunt to her lips and enhales positivity
Exhaling the bad times.
Telepots back to hot weather, blue beaches and booty shorts.
Sits in yoga poses
During conference calls
Mimosas on orions belt
Open face toast by the stars/
See if women are really from venus and men are from mars.
Where pursuing dreams take you far
And bikes replace cars
A world with houses made out of hemp
And water isnt being poisoned like in flint
Or where #agentorange doesnt exist
So fuel doesnt fuel #war/
And wanting more doesnt give others less
Or where power doesnt go to one head
And people give backpacks full of food to homeless people instead of landfills/
Where keeping it real actually means just that/
No stereotypes for hoodies and hats.
Where the good doesnt have to die young and gender confusion isnt considered confused at all.
No wall.
Just good pussy with walls
And good dick for whomever wants some.
And the only guns needed are filled with water accompanied with a glass of lemonade and a side of palm tree shade.
No shade.
Just love
Puts the blunt to her lips
Enhales positivity
Exhales badtimes.
And rainforest can have longevity
Instead of being depleted.
Where people feel wanted and needed. No area 51No vatican storage
More business
Micro and macro loans so we can support us.
So we can do more than just own homes.
create generational wealth for our own.

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