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Eric Bodhorn, CSCS  USAPL Senior National Coach Strength Coach | The Strength Athlete Eric@TheStrengthAthlete.com

What an awesome week.
Celebrated some birthdays with all of the Fort Collins crew. Presented a team seminar at @pursuit.fit with all of the TSA Coaches. Drank some fishbowls, got a little weird. Went to Vail with a great group of people. Had so much fun snowboarding (5th one is a video). Instagram can be somewhat of an artificial highlight reel at times, but this was definitely one of the best weeks I've had in a long time. Thanks to everyone who joined us.

Reppin' the reds with @hani_tsa. Some 8's up to 120/265. First time visiting @barbellbrigade. Good to see @williamsquats and @sallad_shittenden too!

Life, 2017. Thankful for all the travel opportunities for "work", and for the continued support of friends and family. Kept it low-key on social media, but there's been so many great experiences this year.
Cheers to what's ahead. (Just a few shots here around Fort Collins that I haven't shared)

πŸ“Ή*Deadlift Bar Comparison*🎧 *Rogue Ohio DL vs Texas DL*

20kg Rogue Ohio DL (Black Zinc)
20kg Texas DL (Black Zinc)
20kg Rogue OPB for reference

The Texas Deadlift bar puts the plates about 3" farther out than the Ohio Deadlift Bar. The knurling is similar but a bit more aggressive on the Texas bar. The Texas bar will likely be the most forgiving off the floor just because of the plates being farther out (bar will bend easier). Downside of the Texas DL is the bare steel sleeves oxidate very fast and this is a brand new bar. It's purely a cosmetic issue that doesn't affect performance, but worth noting for some. The Ohio DL has a bright zinc coating on the sleeves so it will look "new" for much longer, and also costs less.

Check out the latest @thestrengthathlete Podcast to hear @nunez3dmj debate us on nutrition and bodyweight manipulation for powerlifters. This was followed shortly after by a real-life fist-fight since we're neighbors. He managed to win despite having barely enough bodyfat left to sustain human life. But anyways, we covered a lot of important variables relating to training recovery and this episode is available now on youtube, soundcloud, itunes, stitcher, etc.
@bryce_tsa @hani_tsa

πŸ“Ή*Barbell Comparison*🎧
20KG Ohio Power Bar (Black Zinc)
20KG Ohio Power Bar (Stainless Steel) *New*
20KG Weightlifting Bar (Polished Chrome)

The feel of the knurling on the new stainless version of the OPB is pretty awesome. It's the same knurling print as the black zinc but catches better in your hand without the zinc coating.
I have a lot more bars that can be compared if interested..B&R, Ohio, Rogue DL, Texas DL, etc.

Had a quick break so we went and benched 161kg/355lb for an all-time PR with @chancemitchellpbc. Now back to work..

350! 2nd week of daily maxing and getting into some lifetime PRs on the regular. Should be an interesting few more weeks.
Finna bench a house in the warm-up room at Nats. (If anyone has like a 355lb barbell shaped house that'd be super helpful)

Squad was rollin' deep as usual
@bryce_tsa @kiana__rae
@sydneyatkinson @joe.greene91 @boone12 @leanna_carr @evanchaffey

Benched 340 today! I only PR bench on my birthday. Thank you @nunez3dmj for the perfect lift-offs. Not exactly paused but I'll take it! πŸŽ‰πŸŽπŸŽ‚πŸŽπŸŽ‰ First PR on @bryce_tsa's new rack location. ☺

It's been quite a month. Too much to recap in one post so I'll just say I'm grateful for the opportunities this little sport of powerlifting has provided. Had a blast coaching athletes at both the IPF World Championships and NAPF Pan-American Championships a week later. Got to spend time with a lot of great people, many of them pictured here. I love all aspects of coaching this sport. I haven't been posting much and I'll probably continue that, but thank you to everyone who made these events such an awesome experience.

Had a chance to share a meal and tour the city with our friends in Vienna. Thank you for an awesome night!

Doubles at 193kg/425lb and 197.5kg/435lb.

Been some time (~9 months) since I've squatted in this weight range. A meniscus injury in the fall set me back for quite awhile. Huge thank you to @chancemitchellpbc who's been handling the programming for the last few months, with a sensible approach to get everything up to speed without pushing too hard.
Papa Minor (@bdminor) with the A1 Split Squat Spot.

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