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Elizabeth  NYC musical theatre maven/Vegas showgirl, currently on FOX's Rosewood as Officer Zebede & NBC's Aquarius as Manson's girlfriend

day 8 ... #breathingmeditation #hot8yoga #30daysstr8 @hot8yoga ... A couple years ago I was one of the few people at Hot 8's very* first* Breathing Meditation class. Tonight's class was subbed by Nadine, another participant from that very first class. She did a great job! ❀️

Day 7 ... #hotpowerfusion #hot8yoga #30daysstr8 @hot8yoga ... I couldn't stop crying in class. i was the fattest female in there, my back pain and inflexibility was embarrassing beyond belief, I cry for my former beauty and talent.

#januaryphotoaday #day13 #threeofakind ... #fuckcancer #lemmy #bowie #rickman ... aged 70, 69, and 69. all british. and all too young, but artists who filled their years w/ volumes of work.

@fitgirlsguide #28daychallenge #powerup MORNING LOVELIES!!! day 3 and i have failed to prepare like I should have at the start and bc of that, have failed a hundred times since monday πŸ˜” my ONE success I'd love to share is consuming my eight 8oz of water on the first two days - which is a major victory for me. already 16oz into my day and it's only 730a in Cali!!! And as Joey Tribbiani would say, "HOW YOU DOING?! "🍌😊 #workhard #progressnotperfection @2cousins_fitgirl @anncatherine_fit @inked_up_fitgirl @jessica2_fitgirl @lax___fitgirl @lfallavollita @lmq_fitgirl @msj3ssicalynn_fitness @fitgirlwolfe @fitgirl_fairy_h @fitgirl_zoey @fitgirl_ajbeani @fitgirl_emxoxo @fitgirl_taco @fitgirl_mermaidmama @fitgirl_alleybaby @fitgirlamandam @fitgirl_annsley @fitgirl_ashley808 @fitgirl_shilley @fitgirlshley @fitgirl_barry

saw this and rather than being shy and alone on my journey, i'm tagging the #fitgirlfollowers i have - and hope they pass it on! @fitgirlsguide #28daychallenge ----
1) E
2) 31
3) Cali
4) Storyteller
5) Lime green
6) Pizza
7) Aquarius
8) "Can't Hold Us" - Macklemore
9) My creativity
10) Health: be 100% free of eczema
Fitness: Be 128lbs and able to do a handstand

one of my favorite-ist holidays ... with a verrry important reminder!!! please keep all of your furry, feathery, slithery friends indoors and/or super safe this weekend! our buddies can get spooked and run away or accidentally hurt themselves. even worse, a stray firecracker or unattended BBQ can cause serious injury. i say it every year bc my #australiancattledog always had a tough time w/ the noise. we got a thunder shirt for my new pup this year. looks so cozy i want a human copy!!!

I'm so scared! But I gotta do something drastic and the #fitgirls ive seen come from @fitgirlsguide always have PHENOM results!!! so if ur scared like me lets be #fitgirlfriends and support each other. I'll be pigging out until Monday #fitgirlfollow

loaded up at yogurtland ... only 48 hrs until i try to change my body, mind, soul. no biggie right?! 😜 (no puppies are human food as a result of this photo) 🍦

eating all the unhealthy food i can before i get cut off!!! (no puppies had human food as a result of this photo) ... at least i feel better knowing pizza rev has fresh ingredients? lol πŸ•

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