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Erendita8  Momma warrior, Educator-activist, artist, gymnast, traveler; of courageously, from the heart willing to act, gain wisdom, transform, reflect...

The sun came out for a moment at sunset and it was still raining. It was magic. All the puddles and streams in my backyard lit up and it was so peaceful. Then as the sun left, the full moon was brilliant. I was the me I wanted to be today creating, nurturing, loving, reflecting and supporting. So thankful for my friends near and far!

Sneak peak #2 rainy days are for painting, breathing and praying. As #miquetzito naps I paint dreams 💙💚💜💚💙

Friday night gymnastics meets with #miquetzalito! We had so much fun. “You flip like that, mommy?!?!” “In my dreams, baby, I flip and fly!” 💙💙💙

Sneak peak... so much to paint but this piece is making my heart soar. It’s gonna be beautiful and tell a story. 💚💙💚💙 I hope they like it 😊✨

Morning cafecito mishap... yup that’s my paintbrush. I think I took one sip before realizing that I drank coffee flavored by blue and green...

All lined up! #miquetzalito

Base coat #1... my next project finally has come together in my mind and I’m so excited to do this for my dear friend. #colibriverde #art #itsgoingtobelovely

La primera vez que #miquetzalito “escribió” su nombre... ✨✍🏽⭐️✏️💛

Diseñamos un nuevo ferrocarril hoy y le expliqué a Isaías todo sobre agujas (switches)! 🚂 jugando con #miquetzalito es la parte más fantástica de mi día.

Poco a poco #colibriart painting my soul 💚💜💚💙💚💜💚✨


Eucalyptus and lavender bubbles help me renew, ground and heal. The sunsets this week filled me with hope and energy to create and move then yesterday the winds changed. My imagination was challenged. But my reaction is my own. Knowing who I am requires me to retreat to safe spaces and practices. I’ve been praying and breathing; resting into new ideas. I have choices. I’m thankful for them and my will to act, create and serve. #mommawarrior #itsgonnabeokay #changeisconstant

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