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Erba Wellness Page  The first ALL NATURAL supplement and beauty brand which is home based, made to perfection 0193568191

Travel essentials. #jamurupawan for that extra energy because obviously ull be walking a lot and our Mistology face mist to keep our skin hydrated during summer or winter #erbabeauty #erbasupplement

The heat in Japan is almost the same as Malaysia.. but with iur face mist Alhamdulillah, no more dry and tired skin 😍

via @erba.official @erbahub, pentingnya kita consume ALL natural supplement adalah sebab kita nak menambahkan nutriens bagus dlm badan dan bukan menyusahkan lagi buah pinggang kita untuk process benda tak perlu semata2 kerana marketing certain produk janjikan kita PUTIH atau KURUS dalam masa yg singkat
bahan yg natural tiada kesan singkat mcm tu. anda pun tau kan? sebab tu ramai skrg ni, muda2 dah kena cancer, dah sakit, nampak lebih tua dari biasa. sebab kita ni sgt cepat terpedaya dgn unsur2 marketing yg tak telus
#jamurupawan dan #jamuandara adalah jamu ASLI, TIADA PROPA, TIADA GIMIK MARKETING dan sememangnya dah di makan oleh founder @erba.official lebih dari 15 tahun
ingat cantik ingat #jamurupawan, ingat sihat ingat #jamuandara. memang perlu! terutamanya musim perayaan bila kita penat travel, makan macam2 sekaligus dan must be our best .. PROMO 2 for RM 100
available at MODVIER. come ❤️

Phew we managed to ship all the Facial Mist orders by yesterday. This is an excellent accessory in your handbag, feeling a bit dry? Mist Mist Spray Spray and you will be instantly rejuvenated!
Why it is super awesome?
It contains:
🌹Rose Water Extract
🌹Aloe Vera Extract
🌹Cucumber Extract
🌹Hyaluronic Acid
🌹Provitamin B5
🌹Vitamin B3
🌹Rose Essential Oil from Bulgaria
100 ml Spray Bottle
Natural Color - No color added
No Parfum Added

Whats so important about exfoliating our skin? did u know we shed thousands of dead skin cells everyday?

and some of them dont fall off, they remain on top of our skin , so thats why we have DULL and NON GLOWING skin. we call KUSAM
not only we need to take care of our face, but our body as well right?
our GUSTO scrub is packed with delicious nutriens exclusively for your skin
☘cucumber extract - superfood for skin ( vitamin, minerals, proteins )
☘ chamomile extract - soothes irritated skin, anti cancer
☘ aloe vera extract - best moisturizer
☘ Vit E - best for skin esp healing properties ☘ apricot seeds - best exfoliant, eliminates wrinkles , vitamin A
so using GUSTO Scrubs will result in a softer, healthier surface
YES! #erbabeauty #besthonestproduct

ERBA Wellness & Beauty range @erba.official
Jamu Rupawan ( Energy + Beautiful skin ) RM 59
Jamu Andara ( Tightens vagina + better reproductive system ) RM 59
Body Scrubs + Vitamin E + Essential Oils RM 39 ( 3 for RM 100 )
Activated Charcoal Mask RM 69
Miracle Marvel Serum RM 89
Erba serbuk manjakani RM 49
All of our products are natural, honest and with no chemicals involved
we believe in selling what WE WOULD USE ON OURSELVES
#erbawellness #erbabeauty

The Marvel Serum is the perfect skin companion, to be used at night upon resting and calling it a day, or during the day before your moisturizer
We ensure that this bottle is packed with goodness, which does not match the awesome price it is introduced at, RM89
Suitable for all skin types
1. Skin Brightening
2. Skin Firming
3. Skin Soothing
4. Anti Acne
5. Anti Blemish

What do you do if you experience Keputihan?
Actually, keputihan is quite normal. Infact it is a way for "housekeeping" down there.
Do you know that keputihan is caused by the vagina and cervic producing fluids that cleans out the old cell lining of the vagina
So when is Keputihan bad for you?
When it is accompanied by
- Itchiness
- Bad odor
- Colours (greenish/yellowish etc)
Natural herbs can help promote internal health so that is why we loveee #jamurupawan and #jamuandara so much that for married ladies we recommend both. Take #jamurupawan in the morning and #jamuandara at night and you will be all set!💗

looking for weight loss recipes? blend banana, ginger, flaxseeds, spinach and blueberries and some ice
yummy, fullfilling and ehem, burns stomach fat ❤️. love!

i will not feel deprived when i turn down junk food
but i will feel empowered that i made the more healthy and better choice ❤️ #jamurupawan #jamuandara #jamurupawan

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