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"Reaching for that 2'9"
Jumped the princess the other day.

What a babe🐎

A video for you of the beast and I. ❤️

Just an update picture to let you all know how Buddy and I are doing. From 18in to this, I'm pretty pleased.
Anyone want videos?

From our last show :) We're coming together! He gets into "show mode" when we get to shows and it's amazing.

Amazing photo and more by @victoriademorephoto

Pony boy❥☻

Cutie-patoodie Tuesday❤️

Second show went pretty great.

Still can't believe how good he was during our first full course together and first show👊🏻🎉

THIS IS BUDDY❤️ my new lease.
Things have been going amazing, and we recently had our first show together; couldn't have been more perfect. •

Sorry for my three month absence lol! I just couldn't delete this account with all the memories. Hope y'all still remember me😂

Who would like it if I posted updates periodically?

Hey guys💁
Meet my new lease, Buddy.
He is a 12 year old bay Thoroughbred. •
When new opportunities arise, you must take them. So I did!
Bliss is still at my old barn, and I'm still gonna go there out periodically because she is very special to me, but I have officially stopped leasing her. It was a hard decision but one I'm glad I made. I can't wait to see what Buddy and I can do in the next couple years❤️

With this said and with much thought, I have decided to delete this account. I feel as though this has been Bliss and I's account and starting over would be too much work😂 I'm too busy anyway and am not feeling it.

Please don't ask for this account because I have made my decision. Time and hard work pays off :) •
If you still wanna keep up with me, please give my new account @eloquentequine a follow. It would be appreciated! •

Thank you to everyone for being so amazing! I have not determined when I will delete, just know it's soon! •


my one-of-a-kind pony💖

I'm really sorry guys for not being active on this account. I've been really busy and it is just not as important to me anymore. It's even been hard for me to keep up with my photography account @eloquentequine lol! Just hang with me guys while I try to figure out what I want to do 💛

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