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  after effects


for lisa
ac @sirepierce
i forgot how much i love these babes omg

for crystal <3
ac @oopslahey
this is an old collab part so it's really simple sorry but i really needed to post!

ac @holy.alycia (trimed )
i know you guys don't really like these kind of edits and i'm probably going to post less of them but i really enjoy making them so yeah haha
[ #coownverxsce2 ]

for crystal
ac @xvalentinac
i stan the shit out of her

for uneducated fats gc
100% rm,ac @holy.alycia
[ #coownverxsce2 ]

dt @oopsdobrev bc ik how much you love katherine <3
ac electrize
this is total crap and ignore it tbh

for anna
ac,ib @holy.alycia
no ones on but this will flop anyway so
[ #coownverxsce2 ]

for anna & antonia
ac,rm xpolarized
deserved an endgame

happy birthday
for crystal & @desiredelena
ac voidgold
first time posting in a while

so i've come to a decision. I'm going to kinda start fresh but stay on this acc. Like i've removed over 300 people from my followers lmao bc i want to start w almost only mutuals following me so as if i'm starting fresh. I still can't edit but it's the holidays soon and exam period will be over :)

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