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Pretty pon can trot too 😂
Today was incredible!
I started out getting her from the pasture ♥️ she was sooooo calm!
We went all alone for the second time in the new place - damn that pon is amazing!
She stressed a little when I had to get my stuff but as soon as I got back she just relaxed ✨✨ therefore I decided to go for a hack so I didn't "push" anything 🙌🏼 and oh my! Even though annoying Dina was screaming in the pasture Miranda just walked 😍 it's the first time she doesn't give a f"ck about the other horses calling!!! I'm actually kinda proud 😅
HACK: we met like tons of dead scary animals, new horses, mother cycles, trucks and stuff like that - she didn't even react! Like WHERE DID MIRANDA GO?! she's a pure beast! ♥️✨
Because it had rained a lot the ground was nice and soft for Miranda - and she offered me a lot of canter ♥️ she was just soooo happy today! And that just made me so happy too 😆
Got a little video for you guys - I will post it tomorrow on this account and maybe on my other ( @horseediit ) too :))

Best thing ever! 🙏🏼♥️
Couldn't wish for a better lease than Miranda - She's everything!

Why don't Miranda and I jump?
I mean - yea I take like one or two jump in the woods sometimes but I do not "train" anymore... and I have a reason...
- As you know, Miranda has been really stressed and frustrated lately and I am working so hard on that! The reason she stresses up is because she has separation anxiety... and she's frustrated because she's afraid of new horses... (she didn't have the best "childhood"..) -
The only place Miranda is really herself is away from the barn - it sounds really weird but yea - she likes to go on hacks and stuff - Alone and away from the other horses - Yea she likes to have a buddy with her, we all do.
But because I need her to relax ALONE it doesn't help to have a buddy with her when she relaxes just fine alone (: it might sound totally against everything "you can not just split them and stuff like that" - and maybe it is...
But most important IT WORKS!
Therefore I mostly go on hacks or ride "dressage" to get her to calm down at the moment.♥️

I've said it so many times - she's crazy!....

Me? A bit inactive? Naaaah 😂
Well, Im only going to the barn like 1 day this week :(( 😂 I'm going to Germany this weekend and I just needed some time to relax 🖤 Maybe @loveistoride will film a little and maybe take some pictures on Thursday ♥️

Missing ma girlie lots! 🖤
Also! Check out this awesome Lowkey picture i got of her this week! 😍😍

Donkey -
Miranda was a pure beast today! As I told you not that long ago she doesn't like to be separated from Dina... but today! I took her on a hack ALONE and omgggggg she was just so into it! Only a little bit tense but well.. that's understandable - and Dina... she didn't even care that Miranda left 😂 -
HACK: Miranda is very sensitive in her hoofs and that's why she sometimes wear boots but yea - I'm that dumbass hooman that forgets them... 🙄😂 well it went well without them! She offered to canter like so much! 😍🙌🏼 and specially when we came to the grass parts of the woods, haha
I don't know when I'm going out to her again...maybe Wednesday but yea - I dunno 🤷🏼‍♀️

SUCH a beauty!
Well.. i actually rode a bit dressage today - but only for like 20 minutes because girlie was tired ❤️ we got quite a nice and calm canter tho! And some VERY calm trotting 🙌🏼 Today's focus was to get Miranda to relax and use her back! It took some time for her to understand my signal but she got it and used her back A LOT! 😍 unfortunately I didn't get any video..🦄 -
I'll maybe try to jump her a bit tomorrow or just lounge her 🖤

"Ignore my voice"
Girlie was quite relaxed today so I decided to lounge her.
I wanted her to relax in her back/neck so she would "take her head down" - and she did! Multiple times ❤️ she was just ultra calm and really listening to me! 😍 she got her food after our training and then she got in her pasture :)) -
Tomorrow I think I'll ride her in some dressage if she's "into it" or else I'll just lounge her again ❤️

Miranda and i tried to jump Yesterday - Well - She was really tense and tired because of the heat, so it didn't go as planned... she refused to jump like 3 times and that's NOT LIKE HER! she ALWAYS jumps.. so decided that I had to get her over and then have one good jump before we stopped - and she actually accepted it ❤️ -
Today I think we're just gonna do some groundwork - I don't really know but yea ❤️

So Sorry for my inactivity...!!
Sunday: i was at the barn to help getting the pastures ready/ removing stones and stuff like that! But then Mirandas owner said if I wanted to I could just ride her a little 🙌🏼 we got up in the ring and I just rode a little without the saddle 👌🏼
We went for a hack! We were at a playground with a hella lot of kids ! Miranda was sooo cool with it! Then we found this "bench" it was like a log so I tried to see if Miranda wanted to jump it (we have never really jumped logs before so yea) and she did! 😍 she was really good! We only jumped it like two times because I would try to jump her a little in the ring today 🙌🏼

"Oh heeeey!"
Today we just trained a bit "calmness" when I take Miranda away from the pasture, I also make Dina very sad. She just screams so loud and so much and that makes Miranda worried... I hate Dina for doing that 😂 but well - Miranda was like soooooo calm today! A bit jumpy and freaked out but she just listened to me soooo well!! We actually just walked and trotter (groundwork) in the ring and it went well! I'm so, so proud of her! Just the fact that she trusts me, and find safety by walking over to me instead of freaking out and running away makes me so happy! I legit didn't think we had a bond like that! ❤️ she's an absolutely amazing horse 😍

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