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✖️ Equestrian Journey ✖️  ☆Two satisfied creatures ♡Equestrian ➰Menika: 16 y/o Rider ➰Miranda XVIII: 7 y/o Pura Raza Española ♡ Jumping & Dressage ☆

Precious girl♥️
Don’t know how much we are going to do today... I’ve gotten quite sick so yea ://

“Oh I can’t hardly breathe..”
We are still working our asses (excuse my language) out to get the canter right! She’s getting so much better at it in the ring! I’m proud of what we’ve achieved!!
Gonna see her tomorrow!

Awh pretty pon 🖤
We just cuddled a bit today, it was quite cold so yea.. I’ll see her again Thursday and Sunday so yea, that’s nice 🖤

Look what we did today! Our first time using the sheepskin/wool bareback pad (no idea what you’d call them in English haha)
- well since I’ve have never tried it before I was a bit out of balance at first...
It was actually really fun to use haha! I’ll definitely do it again!
Also!!! My friend Cecilie got some footage of us!! Stay tuned ♥️

So Yea... Miranda and i did some polework today! And HOLY COW THAT HORSIE WAS CRAY!
It was quite windy, Miranda hasn’t been ridden the last two days and she was super tensed and energized and it was a “I’m scared of everything” day.... well... I nearly fell of several times! And she was totally uncontrollable haha - but we had fun! And we got some very nice pole “distances” in the end which was my daily goal!!
I’m so glad I didn’t went for a hack.. I would’ve been dead by now if I did lol

Gonna see her again tomorrow, Saturday and Sunday 😍 so I think we’re going to be doing a bit of pole work tomorrow and Sunday 👏🏼

Everything was frozen yesterday! There was ice on everything! Ahhh it was so beautiful!
Miranda and I went for a “calm” hack :D we got a short nice trot and a very short but very nice canter!!
The ground was so frozen that Miranda slipped a few times (she’s wearing some hoof boots because she’s barefoot)
We rode about 2 hours! ♥️

Just imagine snow everywhere - getting those Narnia vibes yet? 😍
Picture: @photos.by.jensen

“I could kiss you all day..🖤”
Ahh I just absolutely adore this picture @photos.by.jensen captured of us! - I’m gonna see her again tomorrow cause my school day is like 1 and a half hour long instead 6 hours haha :D
Think we might go on a loooong hack and just explore the woods 😍 that’s just one of the things I love to do with Miranda! 🖤🖤

I love her so much!
This is one of the pictures @photos.by.jensen took of us today! I love it so much -
We went to the woods to shoot the pictures ♥️ Miranda was great! A little bit tense but to being able to let her loose was amazing! She just stood there and walked a bit around ♥️ she was sooo calm in the end and just enjoying our walk :D
- we went back to the barn and trotted a little bit in the ring before she got out in her pasture ♥️

Perfect pretty pon!
I’m super excited for tomorrow! @photos.by.jensen are going take some pictures of Miranda and I :D go give her a follow! She’s an amazing photographer!
Well, I’m gonna get up early to clean Miranda - I’m like 100% sure that she’ll be muddy af! And her tail is probably all yellow and stuff 🙄 - love having a grayish lease...😂♥️

She’s everything ✨ -
Sorry I haven’t been active lately... /: ive gotten myself a baaad sunburn like all over my body... so at the moment I’m NOT able to ride at all... it hurts waaay too much already... BUT I’ll see her Saturday this week tho! I miss her so insanely much ♥️

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