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EQUANA Equine Sport Hydration  Equana®,1st Sports Drink for 🐎, fast recovery,immediate replenishment of deficiencies after performance.The formula for winners 🏆. 📧xquisit@live.nl

Equana, empower naturally. Experience The Power Boost of Equana Sports DRINKS! Ultra Fast Recovery of YOUR Horse. - Equana at Madrid Horse Week, Spain.

Scientifically proven effects in applied research.
Equana is not only developed in cooporation with an applied university, also independent horse expertise center has tested the product, concluding a significantly better drinking behavior (faster and more) after exercise and a significantly lower heart rate at equal exercise level in horses that used Equana Healthy Horse Hydration. For business inquiries: info@xquisitinvestments.com. #equine #arabianhorse #horseracing

The main advantage of Equana;
Because Equana Healthy Horse Hydration can be quickly dissolved in water, the mixture can immediately be served and deficiencies can directly be replenished in contrast to supplements added to a regular diet, which is consumed (much) later. Due to the innovative pocket-size packaging of Equana, individual daily portion packages (40 grams), leads to the uptake of the same quantity and composition of ingredients every time Equana is used. After every portion of Equana deficiencies are replenished directly which leads to a faster recovery of your horse after exercise. Get your 🐎 ready for round 2!

Equana Healthy Horse Hydration is especially designed for Sport horses in all disciplines for optimal recovery and performance during competition. Equana helps to prevent dehydration from sweat loss when traveling, warm weather or during prolonged periods of low intensity exercise (f.i. Recreational and endurance riding)

When you need your horse to deliver optimal performances, you want him to recover faster and fully. Due to loss of fluid and important nutrients, the loss in performance can be greatly reduced. Equana® Healthy Horse Hydration is the first equine sports drink which ensures faster recovery with the replenishment of deficiencies immediately during and after performance. #equine #endurance # dressage # horseracing

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