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Equality Forum  Equality Forum is a national and international LGBT civil rights organization with an educational focus.


Rodney Wilson is a high school teacher who founded Gay History Month. “The greatest act of advocacy for civil rights for LGBT Americans is the act of coming out.” https://lgbthistorymonth.com/rodney-wilson #lgbthistorymonth

Jeffrey Weinstein won the first healthcare benefits for same-sex couples from a private employer. “I seem to have been a pioneer in realizing the idea for what are now called domestic partnership benefits. It took years for the idea to catch on.” https://lgbthistorymonth.com/jeffrey-weinstein #lgbthistorymonth

Vaughn Walker is a federal judge who ruled that same-sex marriage is a constitutional right. “Proposition 8 fails to advance any rational basis in singling out gay men and lesbians for denial of a marriage license.” https://lgbthistorymonth.com/vaughn-walker #lgbthistorymonth

Peter Staley is a pioneering AIDS activist who founded the Treatment Action Group and AIDSmeds.com. “I was a bond trader by day and an AIDS activist by night.” https://lgbthistorymonth.com/peter-staley #lgbthistorymonth

Kyrsten Sinema is the first openly bisexual person elected to the U.S. Congress. “How often can you say a kid who was homeless is going to Congress?” https://lgbthistorymonth.com/kyrsten-sinema #lgbthistorymonth

Jeffrey Seller is a Tony Award-winning theater producer best known for hits such as “Rent” and “Hamilton.” “I fail all the time and I have to be willing to fail in order to succeed.” https://lgbthistorymonth.com/jeffrey-seller #lgbthistorymonth

Craig Rodwell was a Gay Pioneer and the father of the New York Pride Parade. “There was no one thing that happened or one person. There was just … mass anger.” https://lgbthistorymonth.com/craig-rodwell #lgbthistorymonth

Yukio Mishima is one of the most prolific and influential Japanese authors of the 20th century. “When silence is prolonged over a certain period of time, it takes on a new meaning.” https://lgbthistorymonth.com/yukio-mishima #lgbthistorymonth

Johnny Mathis is one of the most popular singers of the 20th century. “Sometimes being famous gets in the way of doing what you want to do.” https://lgbthistorymonth.com/johnny-mathis #lgbthistorymonth

Barry Manilow is one of the best-selling recording artists of all time. “I’m so private. I always have been.” https://lgbthistorymonth.com/barry-manilow #lgbthistorymonth

Alain Locke was the first African-American Rhodes Scholar and the father of the Harlem Renaissance. “Art must discover and reveal the beauty which prejudice and caricature have overlaid.” https://lgbthistorymonth.com/alain-locke #lgbthistorymonth

Marsha P. Johnson was a well-known New York City drag queen who fought police at the Stonewall Riots. “I may be crazy but that don’t make me wrong.” https://lgbthistorymonth.com/marsha-p-johnson #lgbthistorymonth

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