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Heidi 📷 Eppusenkaapilla  Finnish designer in Denmark. Runs on coffee & fashion. Looking for scandinavian lifestyle? Welcome! 💌eppuscloset@gmail.com MORE INSPO ⬇️

13,5 years.. He has been my friend so long time. He doesn’t hear or see much anymore, and sleeps a lot, but is still happy little dog. He is waiting for me to come home, sleeps next to my pillow every night, rejoices with me when I’m happy and and shares my sad moments. In that age you can’t take anything for granted but I hope we still have many happy days left together. He’s my best friend. ❤️

Monday funday ⭐️ Are you ready for the new week? She definitely is 🎀
Tämä viikko on Islan viimeinen viikko vanhassa päiväkodissa ja sitten hän siirtyy uuteen kouluun ja eskariin. Tässä koulussa on pidennetty eskari, joka kestää koko vuoden ja ensi syksynä kono ryhmä sitten siirtyy kouluun. Hui! 🤭❤️#5years #scandikids

Me as a tourist 😄✨
•Minä ihan turistina! 😁 Blogi on päivitetty. Siellä on vähän juttua ja PALJON kuvia neidän Nykin reissussta. Katso linkki profiilista 😊✨🎈#timesquare #newyork #travellingwithkids #didriksons #nordicmomstyle

⛅️ Sunday wibes ✨
*hyvää isänpäivää kaikille isille, erityisesti omalle isille Suomeen ⭐️ Nauttikaahan päivästä ❤️ #newyork #newyorkarea

These two are just great company. It’s so fun to listen when they explain their little stories and make jokes. How fast they have grown up.. 😯❤️

These November evenings are so dark but also cozy. ❤️🏮#november #hygge #scandihomes

My little pumpkin ❤️

Been at home for a while but still feeling super tired. Long & busy week behind, and feels so good just to be at home. Guess it just takes time to recover from time difference.. 😴🌃 #brooklyn #brooklynbridge #newyorkarea #newyorkarea

Eppu ❤️He’s already so big boy and great travelling companion. Never complains about walking and has great humor. Picture taken in beautiful Chelsea New York. #newyorkarea #travellingwithkids #chelsea #newyork

There’s nothing so sweet as tiny red boots. 😍❤️

Another view from Brooklyn bridge and a happy traveller 😄 #brooklyn #newyork #newyorkarea #nordicmomstyle

Magical view from Brooklyn bridge. One of my fav views in New York 😍🍏 #brooklynbridge #manhattan #newyork #newyorkarea #travellingwithkids

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