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JAIME CLARKE 〰️  s/o to my inner child pdx • lax • elsewhere

i live in this pool now, come thru 🦋

one day in the pool and she’s blonde

i fucking love california

hire me, @j_corden

✨28! (my birthday was yesterday, for those who creep birth charts like i do🙃)

it’s friday, and my birthday’s tomorrow, let’s goooooo✨♈️

driving mr. ozzy

spontaneous solo road trip brought to you by spring + @cherylstrayed

sometimes i feel like “i don’t know what i want” is often a miserable lie we unknowingly tell ourselves. i think we convince ourselves, and everyone around us, that we don’t know what we want as a cover for not allowing ourselves to own our desires. especially as women. try this real quick: say “i know what i want” out-loud to yourself with firm confidence, even if you have to fake it. how does that feel? good, right? try it again. keep doing it. give yourself the space to claim the things you want. even if it feels like you’re not allowed, make the damn permission slip yourself. 📝

**certified good boy

this sweet angel baby is a year old today! happy birthday, sagan!!! 🌈🌟💖🎂🎈


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