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Epifan3  Pronounced "E-pih-fah-nee" The Power of ART.........atl Singer,/Songwriter, painter, designer, stylist, fashionista, DIY, MUA U name it I can do it!

When u wake up to your grandma washing cabbages, and preparing soul food!! Knocking pots and pans and shxt together!! πŸ˜‚
#Sundays #Grandma #MaCox #ShesYouthful #Blessed #LoveMyGrandma #Virginia #soul #soulfood #HappySunday

Sentiments makes my soul smile!!! 😊 .
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Westerns with mi papi!!

Road trips and bathroom breaks goes hand in hand... #MyOnlyKidLol #WigSlidUpButItsCool

Hitting the road with this fool! #southbound #IhateFuckingdriving πŸ˜’

These 10 days man! Whew!!! Smh!!! I've really learned how selfish people truly are!! I've worked my ass off and wore myself out, and got sick as well. Yet that did not stop individuals from feeling entitled, from intruding, asking for shit/appointing me for shit, or feeling obligated. After the first 2-3 days of interruptions I started leaving my phone on silent in another room, and realize now that this should be done more often than less. My nerves has been worked and anxiety through the roof. Ppl really Dont give a damn about what u have going on, your state, or circumstances. Mental stability is first before anything. Take care of you first because trust me, ppl truly do not give a damn! Doesn't make them bad ppl with bad intentions, but surely they lack consideration. #HardFacts #Noted

There's genuinely some cool ppl out there. I may not relate to them in significant ways. So I've come to realize thats its ok to just be associates or passer byers. I do not have to keep myself tied up with ppl who does not feed my soul or growth. I seek deeper connections. Not ppl who I can only laugh with, tell jokes with, or go to clubs with. Or time killers. I just Dont have that kind of time or mental capacity to take up that kind of space. But that does not make them bad ppl. And that does not make me not like them. I just long for assets, not liabilities.

Listen here brothers! You're a king. Act accordingly. Love yourselves!! πŸ‘‘

If we ain't vibrating on the same levels, we really Dont have much to talk about. Cause I'm not about to be killing time talking bout simple shit. Its quite simple. Speak and go.
...I also have the ability to pick up on shady ass energy but I'll keep it cool and bypass ya ass the next time. If U move funny u get canceled.

#frequencies #vibrations #energy

So I thought I was the only one listening to @davidooffical, he's one of my favorite African artists!!! Somebody called me and said ya boy getting a BET Award! I was so proud!! Dude music is so dope man!! So happy for him!! ...
OAN: I'm sure I was drinking that night I recorded this, while waiting πŸ˜‚ I remember that being a good night! Rhythm, gestures, words was off and all but hey! I was feeling good!! Thats all that matters πŸ˜‚ Lol! *I have no alcohol tolerance 🍸🍷
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