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epicurious  Home cooking realness for real home cooks. Click here for the recipes:

Italian sausage! Brothy grains! Leeks! Wine! Wine in the food! If this all sounds like a perfect Thursday evening to you, head to our bio immediately. (📷 @chelsealouisekyle, food styling @acstockwell)

Flour tortillas have a time and a place—but bad flour tortillas should be excused from this earth. We taste-tested grocery store brands to find the ones that are servicable... and the ones that aren't worth your time. See the results in our bio, and check out our story to see some behind-the-scenes of our tasting. (📷 @chelsealouisekyle, food styling @pithzester)

Picture this. Your pantry is stocked. You've got white beans, garlic, vinegar, honey, and red pepper flakes. You swing by the store on your way home and pick up pork chops and escarole. You then make these glossy, spicy honey pork chops like it's no big deal. That's the idea behind @acstockwell's weeknight dinner strategy. She's calling it Pantry+2, and we're breaking it down for you via the link in our bio. (📷 @chelsealouisekyle, food styling @acstockwell)

Welp. @shewhoeats just showed us all up by making these HOMEMADE BAGELS with the recipe in our bio. Cheers to you, go-getter.

FYI, pounding a skinless, boneless chicken breast to an even thickness is THE best way to cook it quickly and evenly. Bonus points if you top it with schmaltz bread salad like @acstockwell did in our recipe, linked in ze bio. (📷 @chelsealouisekyle, prop styling @beatricechastka, food styling @yekatkaterina)

Definitely #NotSpon, but... guys. This whipping cream is shelf-stable. Which means it can hang out in your pantry for 6 months. And it's there for those times when you need a last-minute whipped cream, which is a lot of the times. Grab the link in our bio to see all the ways we're using this genius stuff. (📷 @chelsealouisekyle, food styling @yekatkaterina)

The key to a super-clumpy granola? Egg whites. And the key to a super-tasty granola? Following the salted coconut granola recipe linked in our bio. (📷 @chelsealouisekyle, food styling @katherinesacks)

Two great tastes that taste great together: cauliflower carbonara. This soon-to-be classic is linked up in our bio. (📷 @chelsealouisekyle, food styling @acstockwell)

Hello, beautiful mess. AKA pistachio-cherry crumble, linked in the ol' bio. (📷 by conpoulos)

This salad is clearly just a vehicle for eating crispy chicken skin. Think of it like... chicken chicharrones. Or chicken bacon. Learn how to make it via the link in our bio, then proceed to put it on everything you eat from here on out. (📷 @chelsealouisekyle, food styling by @OliviaMackAnderson)

These cupcakes are perfection. Partly because they're super rich and chocolatey, but also because the recipe is completely versatile—you can use the same batter to make a sheet cake, a three-layer cake AND a bundt cake. Grab the base recipe and all the variations in our bio, and please let us lick the bowl. (📷 @chelsealouisekyle, food styling @yekatkaterina)

Everything bagel seasoning belongs on E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G. Especially the 19 things on that list we’ve got linked in our bio. (📷 @chelsealouisekyle)

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