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Epic Reads  We volunteer as tribute to be the YA community of your dreams 📚

What’s everyone planning on reading over #MemorialDayWeekend? ☀️
If you need a new book, check out our @barnesandnoble table! We piled all our fave books ft road trips, journeys, and adventures onto it and not gonna lie, we think all of those things are pretty perfect for a long weekend!! 🚗💨

Two things: 1) love seeing this representation on covers and 2) we are so freaking excited to watch the #ToAlltheBoysIveLovedBefore movie on Netflix this summer! Will you be watching?? 💖

I’ve got a (cover) crush on youuuuuuu. Do you ever impulse buy a book solely based on its cover? 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

Do you ever...gasp...write in the margins of your books or maybe highlight your favorite passages?? 📖🖊
Where are my #CadetKelly fans at?! You gotta check out #TheAcademy about an aspiring fashion editor that ends up at military school 👗 #MondaysNotComing is a gripping and hard hitting story about a girl that vanishes without anyone noticing...and it will keep you guessing until the very end ❓ #LightFiltersIn is full of powerful poems that are so relatable and makes us feel less alone. We are super excited to have @poeticpoison’s poetry in book form 📒

Getting lost in the pages this weekend! What was the last book that gave you a book hangover? 📚

What’s a book you think everyone should read?
We think #TheHateUGive is one that should be required reading. Have you heard of @oursharedshelf? It’s a feminist book club that was started by @emmawatson (!!!) and they’ve chosen @angiethomas book as their pick for the months of May and June. So if you haven’t read this amazing, powerful, and groundbreaking book yet, this is the perfect time to do so!

If you could be friends with any author of your choice, who would it be? 🤔
Drama! Gossip! Scandal! Everyone dreams of meeting their favorite author and #AllofThisIsTrue is a cautionary tale of what happens when exactly that happens. Four teens become friends with Fatima Ro...only to find their deepest and darkest secrets in the pages of her new novel. It is absolutely riveting, in part bc of the unique story format (told through interviews, emails, articles, book excerpts, and texts) but also bc it’s a story that basically all of us book nerds have definitely dreamt of and knowing that SOMETHING went wrong? Let’s just say this one was a total page turner...🙀🙀🙀

Do you read hardcovers with the jackets on or off?
There are some really *epic* new releases this week! If you’re looking for an new fantasy to dive into, check out #OnyxandIvory for an amazing journey full of imminent danger, forbidden magic, and a will-they-or-won’t-they romance ✨ For a riveting story that you won’t be able to pull yourself away from, you gotta read #AllofThisIsTrue—about what happens after four teens befriend their favorite author 📝 And of course, we can’t forget about #WarStorm...the electrifying finale to the #RedQueen series⚡️

⚡️TODAY WE RISE WITH THE DAWN⚡️ Raise your hand if you already started reading #WarStorm! 🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️

What did you read over the weekend? 📚

What do you read when you need a mood booster? We put together a reading list of our fave feel good books (link in bio) and want to add more to it! Tell us in the comments below ☺️

What was the last series you finished reading and did it have a satisfying ending?? 💯📚

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