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Me: "The air hurts my face."
Tabi: "omg omg throw the ball omg."

I collect things and my things collect dust. #throwback

New England Koozie

"Happy valentines day from your work girlfriends." Ha! At least someone loves me.

Thank you thank you thank you, @johnhealey1776 🍺😍

Oh hell yes.
Thanks for the dam mug @natedamndavis

Haha, what's wrong with these people?

@thewhitsnpt 's new ride has been delivered.

FS: Lamiglas insane surf 11' MHS 2pc 2-6oz
Asking $100. Used once, cost $150+ new.

"I& #39;m gonna stare at you until you throw the damn ball for the 10,000th time today."
What a creep. #gsd

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