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It's like the surfcasting version of BB5's.

I can't catch a false albacore to save my life. 32" schoolie on 10lb mono leader and a 1oz jig...

Lesson learned.

The fall migration for striped bass is here and like every year before it, it's proving to be far less predictable than the spring migration. Instead of a natural progression of herring, squid, and sand eels... with signs such as warming water temps, tulips, and "those fucking gnats," the fall run is often the time many people can capitalize on bass blitzing, bulking up for their long journeys back toward their spawning grounds around the chesapeake and delaware rivers. Some may even know where they'll be spending their winter as locals.

As a surfcaster, I review patterns from previous years logs and find the hunt to be as much fun as it is a challenge. I understand that many people are new to surfcasting or fishing the cc canal but if there's one thing that I hope to teach you is about the passion and hunt that far predates me in my early 30's. Respect your elders and learn from the past. Surfcasting is all about the hunt! So get out there and chase the birds, bait, wind, tides, and moon phases like surfcasters have done for hundreds of years before any of us were even a thought. STOP chasing reports and do some hunting of your own.. I promise that when you get successful at this it's far more satisfying than ig photos of 25 bass caught on sebile knock offs thrown at your feet.
To me, the cc canal is an easy habit to get into and a difficult one to break. I spent this morning chasing schoolies up and down one of my favorite stretches of coastline in heavy surf and it reminded me why I got into surfcasting in the first place. It's a passion that I feel that I've unintentionally inherrited from my deceased relatives that hunted bass and blues to survive.. a genuine need to do so.. and I fucking love it.

Rest in peace Berger. You were one awesome dog.

FS: 2 yr old korkers. Lightly used

1st time with an eelskin on a danny = 1st bass caught on one on the 3rd cast. Something new.

"It"s not a purse, it's european!"

So #jersey

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