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Epic Beard Men  @SageFrancisSFR + @BDolanSFR = #EpicBeardMen. #StrangeFamous 'til the grave shaves us.🤘🏻🔥🤘🏻


Here's a sneak preview of a song that's going to bust your nuggets into a million pieces. You're gonna have to just imagine it for now as we bounce these vocal stems and send 🙏🏻 out to Alias who has to make sense of our mixing notes. Many castles have been bagged, but a lot more needs to be done before you can slide down the pole. The music is getting faster though. Patience, patience!
#FiveHearts ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️#EpicBeardMen

Beards...they're not for everyone.

#LONDON! Oct 20th at Heaven. Tickets are on sale now. Get them while you can because this *will* sell out. #strangefamous #epicbeardmen

Returning to #EdFringe in August. #London in October. A couple more announcements getting cooked up right now. All details at #StrangeFamous.com or click the link in our profile for tickets. Chyeahhhhhhh!!!

@djabilities has found himself in the middle of an #EBMsandwich. Catch us all in NYC at Webster Hall on Friday night with @cas_one & @dopeknife! #fourhorsementour #StrangeFamous.com

Every damn spring these try-hards pop up, clearly just trying to start a buzz. #EpicBeardMen #NoPity

"Eyo, B. This nightmare of a flea market called #AlamoRecords is trying to charge us 10x the price for every single record. No props. San Antonio has been very cool to us, and we both like to patronize local music stores, but this goofball owner can price gouge some other dopes. WE OUT!" #PeaceTexas

Thanks to the east coast blizzard, we are basically TRAPPED in Texas for the next week. Ughhhhh. It's so hard out here for a beard. Really, really wish we could be home to help everyone shovel out their driveways. We live for that. You know how it is though, fam. #PrayForUs 🙏🏻


Happy #Caturday, beardos!
@sagefrancissfr & @bdolansfr are playing the Met in RI on Nov 10th. A one time performance where we bring the Fringe back home. Grab your pussies now. I mean tickets. Grab your tickets. #StrangeFamous.com

REMEMBER, a beard is not a costume. Get creative this Halloween. Get knitty with it. No more knit beards though. Those are out.

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