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EPIC  Extraordinary people impacting communities.

We guess you could say this build was magical πŸ˜‚

This weekend we wrap up with a warm welcome to a warm home ❀️ You can join us next weekend in Kampung Orang Asli Sungai Lalang, Semenyih, as we build a home with homeowners Amal & Yohanissa, sponsored by Tokai Engineering (M) Sdn Bhd.
Register & read the details here:

Upcoming Basic Builder workshops:

Visit Sedunia.me for both links :)

Have a good weekend everyone! (We're not really sure what's going on in this photo either, but we think they're celebrating our new mural πŸ˜‚)

Yay! Here's how you can join the next build this Nov 2-4! // sponsored by Tokai Engineering (M) Sdn Bhd:

You'll be building with a group of 30 amazing volunteers, as well as homeowners Amal & Yohanissa, assisting them in bringing their home together while getting to know their family!

For more details and to register, you can click the link in our bio:

Join us this October in this build, sponsored by *Innerwheel Club of Kuala Lumpur*. You'll be building with homeowners Faizat and Suri, assisting them in bringing their home together while getting to know their family.

Remember, this build requires you to be present and committed for all 3 consecutive days.

Link in bio!
Register & read the details here:

Upcoming Basic Builder workshops:

So proud of this group of soon-to-be Specialists! They were willing to learn (and unlearn) with such open hearts and minds. We look forward to growing and serving communities together. Thank you again for being part of the Epic journey!

Specialists are team leaders of Epic Builds. In order to join and become a Specialist, you must undergo the #AdvancedBuilderCourse, which is open to those who have undergone builds. The programme looks at Self Leadership, People Leadership and Techincal Leadership

The next ABC has not been determined yet, but most likely early Q1 of 2019. Updates can be found on Instagram, Facebook and via our email newsletter (visit epic.my to register).

The #AdvancedBuilderCourse for #EpicHomes continues! This team is simulating a build with this mini version of a module. There are multiple assessments happening: one with the participants getting a feel for bringing plans to life from their booklet, and another where our facilitators (current Specialists/Build Team Leaders!) are secretly being monitored and reviewed on their facilitative skills πŸ˜‚ Follow our Instagram @epicarmy for behind the scenes sneak peeks

Diving a little deeper into tools and materials with our trained volunteers for the #AdvancedBuilderCourse for #EpicHomes #volunteerMalaysia

This week we're continuing the Advanced Builder Course: Epic Homes, focusing on technical skills. Just before we move onto Tools & Materials, the facilitators (many of whom are previous volunteers who have been trained to lead this training too!) are warming up the room, getting to know each other. Tomorrow we'll be putting them in a mini build exercise, where they'll test out everything they've learnt with our new tools 😁

Repost @jaynek
・・・ Over the past two days I've worked with this team in guiding participants through a tool we created called the LifeMap; discovering their story and finding synergy with the values we hold dear at Epic

Along the way we spoke about listening attentively, withholding judgement and the power of vulnerability, and I gave my story away freely and openly

As I learnt more about the people involved, their own stories of triumph, failures and lessons, I found that I was re-learning the very lessons I was sharing. And I was humbly reminded about my own assumptions and premature judgements

I'm inspired to make more of an effort to uncover someone's story, to break the stereotypes and preconceived notions I've built

Underneath every scar is a story worth hearing, but first... you must be willing to listen

Today Epic DNA ran Part 1 of the Advanced Builder Course: Epic Homes. Yesterday we explored our motivations, and how we align to the bigger picture of how our beliefs affect and shape our actions. Today, we're looked deeper into community engagement, working with others and developing skills to empower. Next week: techincal skills!

Happy Malaysia Day, everyone! This weekend is a little extra special for us because a group of Specialists and Master Builders raised funds with their friends over the last few months and today they're building! πŸ’“ You can do the same with your own network - drop us an email at info@epichome.org to find out more.

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