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Ephraim Harrell 🎥  Creative Mind, Wild Heart, husband to @jensenharrell • • • • • • • Concept | Film | Edit | Deliver ➡️ @FILMCOVEProductions

The right place at the right time
Last summer I had the privilege of visiting Hawaii’s biggest island, a pre-planned trip became much more exciting (and dangerous) when we heard of the active lava exploding from multiple fissures. This was the most incredible picture I took last year. As I sat atop of Mauna Kea (tallest volcano in Hawaii) I was met with the glow from the flowing lava below as well as the bright milky way backdrop. Incredible. #NatGeo100contest @natgeo

Jensen Harrell!!!
When I felt The Lord tell me to RUN into 2018 and all that it had for my life I could have never imagined you. Not only the woman you are but the one you are becoming. Sometimes life events are too big to capture for a post and I’ve had a hard time wondering how since 1/20/19. But Jensen, I do know this, it will be my honor to chase after your heart all of my days as we pursue a calling much greater than either of us had before. My partner, my best friend, my love & wife. Happy first married Valentine’s Day to us! I love you more than I literally even know how to express, and that’s saying something because I can keep up a conversation with the best of ‘em ❤️ #HarrellYeahWeWill

FIRST Christmas (story) 🎄❤️ ______________________________________________
You can see Jensen’s post to see a cute post. I’m gonna tell a story ——
‘‘Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house. Not a carton of Half and Half was found, not even an ounce. The problem arose as mother prepared, Breakfast casserole for the morning but the refrigerator was bare. After midnight (already Christmas) we adventured to every store, but every grocery was closed, the workers no more. A solution arose as we went in a gas station, there are little half and half’s but we may have to pay some. We found some kind workers 2 stations later, we got a basket full, didn’t care about the haters. So when you read this fun story please remember the truth, we had fun and SAVED Christmas, this morning’s spread was the proof.” ——
Merry Christmas everyone,from your favorite almost newlyweds! Hashtag ‘Harrell yeah we DID’ 💪 #HarrellyeahweWill #ChristmasMemories

12.9.18 ⛄️ 🎥
Sometimes snow days means getting snowed in at #HarrellHomestead and waiting all the way until it’s almost dark to run outside and film for literally 2 minutes before the camera got too wet and document the largest snow we’ve ever seen (15 inches) ❄️ ❄️ ❄️ Love the future Harrell’s ❤️

This Is Us
Thankful doesn’t begin to describe it ❤️🦃 #HarrellHomestead

Friendsgiving 2018 🦃
Always great to spend time with my friends like family ❤️ Also an excuse to start eating Thanksgiving a WHOLE DAY EARLY! 🙌😜 #Friendsgiving

Crispy Pines
He pooped about 11 seconds after this.

I love this time of year. Once the leaves stop falling and everything begins to anticipate the colder days to come. When you’re listening for it, there’s almost a hush so loud you can’t help but hear it.

Linville Falls, NC 🎥
Went on a much needed camping trip last week. There is so much to see and do around North Carolina! Moving Photo captured at the mouth of The Linville Gorge along the Blue Ridge Parkway 😌

D e v e l o p e d
Which look do you prefer? Film or Digital edited to look like film?

L E G A C Y pt. 1
I’ve been thinking a lot about legacy recently. As some of you may know, it’s a passion God has put in my heart to turn into a career, someday... But even before business ventures (which makes my brain come alive) comes the legacy set before me. The one I’m building, the one I’m leaving. These are a collection of photos from my camera roll taken over the past month. As I’ve taken some time to reflect and look to the future, I’ve realized that within every one of these photos exists legacy. Love your enemies, love your family, hold on to that legacy you are building. But don’t forget to share share share, share it all with others. And I’m not even talking about social media. I’m talking about the present moment, your legacy moment is right now.

Here’s to forever 🎥❤️
I’m marrying my absolute best friend. God is real and loves us and is always so so good. I love you more than words @jwill15 😍🔥

Portraits From A Beach
—> #RestingBeachFaces —>

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