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Julie Miller  Artist, void walker, human bean. Mystic in the sense that I'm still mystified by things.

Con crud babes

Relearning to run with Maya Lin. I am always grateful for those in my life who remind me that playing is just as important as work.

This week I discovered the benefits of powdered peanut butter

I worry a lot about my worldview. About becoming jaded and hard. The more I see the less I appreciate people. That is not to say I don't meet wonderful people. People are wonderful. But as I observe the complexities of human nature and my increasing ability and inability to comprehend them, I am simultaneously mourning my loss of innocence. Sometimes I think I might suffocate from the weight of those realizations. I am scared for the future of my Self. I want to remain kind. I want to remain excited. I want to breathe.

The calluses on my hands have begun to yellow, and I'm looking forward to bed

Sprinted right up this here mountain, touched quite a few rocks along the way. I love watching the trails narrow while the forest closes in. After a certain point, we had only the cascades and whispering trees for company ♥️🌲🍃

We're both leaders - we both got lost today. We may have stumbled onto a marijuana operation

Denver to Maine is one hell of a drive, but soft grass is plenty in between

It's hot but it's not but I'm burned already and everything is scorched but in bloom

Honestly, let me embellish things all day

Currently: the temperature of tears and how they scald the skin

Subway is grosser than ever, I'm beat to hell, it's not 1998, and people here stare a lot

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