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ë M I L Y 🚀  jenny from the block | going where love is alive | Oneonta Soccer #4


10:13 am | Tuesday February 6, 2018: Seasonal blues are starting to kick in and California, my heart is longing for you now more than ever... Woke up this morning to 13 degrees and snow but my soul wants nothing more than warmth and sunshine. Ever since I was a little girl I’ve always been utterly in love with the sun and all the goodness daylight brings into my life. Light is love for me, its warmth fills my being with everything I need and more. I constantly crave it and understand that my mind body and soul revolve around it. West coast vibes are next level and I cannot wait to feel that again.

It’s been a loooooong month without my chiiiicas

This semester I found myself at a sort of stand still with photography. I began to find interests I never knew I had in 3D and graphic design which truthfully I've fallen in love with over the past few months. As long as I have freedom to express my thoughts and feelings through a creative process, I am me. Art has has truly allowed me to find myself and stay grounded. But what I've learned is that I needed to step outside my comfort zone and push myself to expand boundaries, explore options. Sometimes you need to get lost in your vision to find it again with new purpose.
I decided to do a spin off of my neon signs project which was started last year. Shout out to my best friend for always supporting and inspiring me on a daily basis and being the absolute most beautiful canvas to work with, you make my job easy 😊

I think one of life's greatest challenges is the fact that we are presented with choices and what we do with those choices no matter how big or small effect our lives in some way. It could be massive or it could be in a way so small that it almost seems irrelevant. But when you take a step back.. EVERY choice we make allows us to be lead down a certain path. Deciding between one thing or another... no matter if it's what you eat for breakfast this morning or if your going to buy a one way ticket to live in a different country, be confident in what you think is right and chase after happiness. Live in the present, be in the now because the only way to reflect on the past and look forward to the future is to find truth & honesty in choices that define you and make you live with passion every single day when you wake up. Understand that so much is out there waiting for you if you know how to find it. And sometimes that takes time. Don't let anyone tell you that you won't make money doing this or you're being foolish with that, opinions only mean something when you let them. Trust your instinct and ride that shit until the very end of time. Happy Monday 💫

If I could give one piece of advice it would be to pick a boy that feeds you pizza when you cry and carries you all the way down Main Street when your feet hurt at the end of the night

Shout out to my parents for giving me a liver of steel and to Oneonta for giving me best friends that'll put it to the test. 20 people walked into the bar... the rest was history #blackoutgang

Look at all the beautiful people in this video !!! if this doesn't bring you some sort of joy I'll be very surprised ugh my heart melts

peanut buttah & jelly

It's all fun and games until you realize that tying a bed sheet around you AND making it look good is an impossible task

Words cannot describe the feeling that traveling gives me. I know that I really don't belong in one place because the world is my home. It's such a beautiful thing to experience what else is out there. My heart is full thinking about the people I've met in these journeys and the lifelong friends that I've been blessed with along the way. I promise you it's taught me more than anything I've ever learned in a classroom. My soul is longing for another adventure 🥀🌎

Nothing like an underdog story... Welcome to YAC city cribs, this is our home now #Ostate

[race is real]

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