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Fall 2018 with my boys 💘

Roma, June 2017 | Once you have a taste of what the world has to offer, the spark your soul feels stepping into cities with history richer than anything money can buy, tasting genuine food and meeting genuine people who might not share your language but share your love and emotion, you begin to realize that we’re not so different after all and that coexistence is not as difficult as the world makes it seem. Beauty lies everywhere in everything; something we all need to remind ourselves of on a daily basis no matter how tough or busy our lives may be or may get. Always look forward ♥️

Love you more every time you come, Miss you most every time you leave 💕 see you soon

Carlos not pictured but of course have love for you too 😂

Still so weird to me that I’m not training for preseason this summer... even though I definitely won’t miss that 6:30 mile and grueling 2 hours of midnight fitness testing, I will definitely miss stepping on the field with my girls 🐉❤️ p.s. apparently I can only score from the left side of the goal and at the strangest most uncomfortable angle possible... but I can guarantee a swing and a miss 2 ft from the goal line 🤷🏽‍♀️

A very special set at a very special place... There’s no way to perfectly capture a moment like this which only makes the experience that much more intimate for everyone who shares these memories together. Music is uniting, uplifting, limitless ... and brought me to some truly amazing people this weekend (@rufusdusol owns all rights)

I am here :) @electric_forest


It’s all fun and games until someone asks “So what are your plans after graduation?”

You guys... for real my everything 💕

We all pray to something (3/16)

Name a better duo, I’ll wait

I set a goal coming into this new year to be my most genuine self; to not let superficiality sneak it’s way into any cracks or corners of my life. The biggest thing I’ve noticed is that this has come with a lot of waves of raw emotion and learning how to deal with them, even when it literally sucks sometimes. I started to notice that I get discouraged and frustrated at myself like oh my god why do I feel resentment towards this person, why am I annoyed over things so irrelevant, why am I sad about something I have no control over etc etc, basically normal human emotions. I couldn’t figure out why even though I was trying so hard to only feel the positive, I would still sometimes let the negative through to me... Through it all I’ve learned something very important: you need a healthy balance of both to understand truth & scratch away old shit at the surface and dig deeper into yourself. What makes you you... because the truth is a lot of people pretend to feel things that they don’t, say things they don’t mean and be individuals who they’re simply not. You need that raw emotion to reach for something higher. So after this whole rant which most people probably haven’t read (if you did, hi I appreciate you)... my advice is to let yourself feel everything. Then nothing will come as a surprise when you experience it again. It doesn’t matter if you’re male or female or all of the above, allow yourself to understand truth in your emotions and correct your mindset when you don’t feel good about something.
Jusssss trying to spread some love on this beautiful Sunday morning 💕

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