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Eoin  Fitness - Photography 14stone lost from starting at 27st. All things fitness, health and photography. 💪🏻📷

Cardio made easy 😍

“The earth has music for those who listen”

Road trip to Malin Head 👌🏻

Heavy chest session this morning switching my starting movements to barbell from dumbbell. Finished off with high rep cable flys supersetted with dumbbell flies. Now for our road trip 👌🏻

A load of carbs in work means one hell of a shoulder session 🙈
Shoulders are still one of my weakest areas, I’ve been working hard to bring them to as much as I can. I used to have a lot of bother with pressing movements as a result of an issue in my shoulder and rotator cuff. I’ve helped this by doing standing single arm Arnold press (in picture) and supersetting it with a barbell Cuban Press. The Cuban Press is such a good movement to improve shoulder flexible and improve the stabilising muscles 👌🏻

One of the most frequently asked questions I get is how I felt losing the weight.
I knew when I lost the weight that I would never slip into the habits that led me to being over 28 stone. I can sit and point my finger at those exact causes, poor routine, poor nutrition, horrible amounts of alcohol to name just a few. 🙈. I was in a really dark place at the time which this week and month has made me think about again. Mental health awareness is such an important thing and nothing to be ashamed of.
I’ve never thought ‘what if I slip back to how I was’ not once. It isn’t who I am anymore and it is becoming more and more a distant memory. It was a place I would never let myself get to again, I only ever think about what can I challenge myself to now.
Keep setting goals✅
Don’t be harsh on yourself if you have a bad day ✅
I’ve set my goals for the rest of this year and at the moment I’m on track 👌🏻

Another picture from yesterday’s trip to The Dark Hedges - where to go next 🤔

Trip to The Dark Hedges

This morning we lost the strongest and biggest hearted person I’ve ever met. If I can get even half of your strength in my life time I will be lucky. You showed me that no matter what knocks us down, that we can pick ourselves back up with a smile. Your kindness and care was second to none, I am blessed to have had you in my life. There’s no more pain or suffering, you can now be with Granda Coyle and uncle Anthony. Rest in peace Granny Coyle, love you loads 💕

There's never one sunrise the same or one sunset the same. Carlos Santana

Taking that @shnapparel hoodie for the Cuilcagh mountain and boardwalk trip today 👌🏻

Walk up Cuilcagh mountain and board walk today - what a day for it 👌🏻

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