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eoincmacken  The Green Rabbit & The Ice Cream Girl, short film that I wrote & directed starring Emmett J Scanlan & Ryan Simpkins now online...

Very proud of this film & this talented mucker @beautothebeau who directed it & wrote it with @inthecrossfire - gonna play at the @galwayfilm this year, can’t wait @anyataylorjoy Congrats to all involved 😋

It’s been a crazy spring, gonna be a beautiful summer, so tomorrow the hard work starts #herearetheyoungmen - and so it begins....

Sup Venice, did you miss me, it’s ok to say yes....#wherethefuckisthecalimorningsun

AND. THATS. A. MOTHAFUCKN WRAP ON @nightflyerssyfy Season 1. This man, Jeff Buhler is a creative genius & a total headcase, you’ll see it in the show, can’t wait.....now to curl into a ball and eat chips for a week. #nightflyers

Last day....last day....last day....back to where we first began....or are we....we are no longer the same, but different, but not.... @nightflyerssyfy #nightflyers @netflixuk

Abstract post wrap party feels. #nightflyers @nightflyerssyfy

The day before the last day @nightflyerssyfy and the end is in sight...roll on summer & #herearetheyoungmen

Last day of filming with these guys....don’t be fooled, it’s dark inside this studio, and dark things are happening.... @nightflyerssyfy @netflixuk #nightflyers

You might not be able to tell, but this wonderful girl puts up with a lot from me. When you find your special person & your adventure buddy, keep them close, @anyataylorjoy just makes my life better xx

Complete shock that he’s gone.
Alan O Neill was a gentleman. A real Dublin man, hard as nails with a crazy twinkle in his eye. Went through some tough times chasing the acting dream in Los Angeles with him. When I had to move home, he stood with me on the side of Sunset Boulevard and helped me sell my stuff in a yard street sale, then we had beers and spoke about movies. I went back to London, he stayed, chasing the LA shadows and dreams. He acted in a little indie that i directed and that we never quite finished called The Cookies. He did it for me for the love of creating a character and some indie art. That’s what this picture is from. He loved watching McGregor fight. We saw him in Vegas, when the Irish took over. When it was simple.
The world will miss Alan, he was an optimist and an artist - a bloke to walk mountains with and to have your back, with the crazy streak of Hunter S Thompson breaking down his soul.
I will miss you buddy. We all will. But I am angry that you left without saying goodbye though. You better get me a beer when we meet again. You owe your family and friends that. Love always, be at peace now my friend.
Death is a real motherfucker.

I’ll get the Cookies finished and release it this summer, I owe him that. Already miss you buddy.

Rock on sunshine baby

It’s the beginning of summer when it’s sun & music festivals....

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