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Few vids of @thescriptofficial comeback gig in Dublin last night. First clip I got excited when Danny put the mic in my face. Instead of getting a deadly shot of a 4 second duet, I missed both our faces. Excellent. In other news, new songs sound huge. Welcome back men x

Either I've joined an S Club tribute band or this gang of fine people is the presenting team for Electric Picnic 2017 on RTE2, Saturday 2nd September! It's my third year hosting, delighted to have @blathnaidt with me in studio this year. @soraiyaryan and @Emmanidama will be out and about soaking up the atmosphere. Shoutout to Jenny Greene in pic 3 who will be missed and honourable mention to @bandpicturethis with us in studio. Some year for them. I'll be giving away tickets all next week on the radio show. Word x

I dusted off my Iron Man costume and hit Dublin Comic Con today. It was excellent seeing young and old having a great time and putting in huge effort in the name of good clean fun. More of that! #dublincomiccon

Some truly scary shit happened in America yesterday. The fact that in 2017 the head of the KKK amongst an army of white supremacists, many of them armed could openly march without being shut down is bad enough. That people were killed in a conflict between very obvious good and bad sides is worse. That Trump condemned "all sides" in a fight to protect decency, tolerance and humanity and then walked away silent while a reporter asked if he had done enough to condemn racism and white supremacy is perhaps most frightening. He is such a cartoon character it's easy to roll eyes and sneer at him. Make no mistake, the far right neo-nazi freak show will be energised beyond belief after yesterday. This is a real war. Time for the world to step up. Theresa May, Macron, Trudeau, Varadkar, Merkel, Obama, all of them. Call this dangerous dangerous clown for what he is. A racist maniac narcissist who needs to be impeached. Now. #Charlottesville

Listen to this!!! Absolutely haunting stuff from @kodaline performing Brother live in studio with me. How incredible does this sound? Mad excited to hear the new album. Thanks for coming in lads x

In 60 seconds @kodaline wil tell you which one of them loves Trump, which one has smooched several fans, their favourite swear words and if they'd be up for rollerblading with the Taoiseach (prime minister for non Irish followers) or not. Enjoy x

Mark (left) is checking out my bosom. I feel slightly violated and slightly flattered simultaneously. Wonderful having @kodaline on today. They make lovely noise.

Italy, thank you for a glorious week. Have been so many times as a teenager but probably not appreciated how absolutely beautiful it is until now. The Italians have it down! The food, people, beaches, scenery, way of life is how it should be done. Everyone should make it their business to experience this part of the world as a matter of urgency! Even in the 'expensive' parts it's cheaper than Dublin / London and everywhere else it's a steal. What a spot!

Excuse me waiter, can you take a really smug annoying picture of us please? Grazie.

Monday 🍹

Not sure if I enjoyed Mumford & Sons or the glorious Dublin sky more last night. Either way #longitude2017 was a triumph. Back to reality!

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