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Rothschild Family:
Dynasty of European Ashkenazi Jewish bankers who have exercised a big economic and political influence since the late 1700s, their surname comes from the red shield of the inverted pentagram that geometrically and numerically means "666", which adorned the house where they resided and the office Of accounting in Frankfurt, Germany, since previously his last name was Bauer.

They are at the head of the council of 13.
Its history is strongly related to fraud in the monetary system and the misleading manipulation of money by central banks and all others (since they control all subsidiary banks)
They also share the fascination with secret doctrines such as the Jewish Kabbalah or satanic agnosis.

They were creators of the Federal Reserve that controls all the banks of the world (except of North Korea), and in the same way they have indebted and left in silent crisis to all the countries in a vicious circle "without option to escape". The Federal Reserve is immune to US laws, as its owners are the Rothschilds, Rockefeller, (and Morgans in lesser part). It is neither federal, nor a reservation.

In fact, this prints the money for the Gob. From the United States (another Illuminati puppet) charging interest for the "favor" of creating the papers (money). Therefore, every dollar, pound, Mexican peso, etc., is indebted to every nation

That is one reason why Muammar Gaddafi was demonized and killed, as he was going to devalue the dollar price (and therefore affect all other coins), and it would equally remove the central banks of the Philippines, leaving the Philippines free Of the Rothschilds, he would also replace energy to free energy, and many more things.

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Obesogens are chemicals that inappropriately alter lipid homeostasis and fat storage, change metabolic setpoints, disrupt energy balance or modify the regulation of appetite and satiety to promote fat accumulation and obesity.
There are many different proposed mechanisms through which obesogens can interfere with the body's adipose tissue biology. These mechanisms include alterations in the action of metabolic sensors; dysregulation of sex steroid synthesis, action or breakdown; changes in the central integration of energy balance including the regulation of appetite and satiety; and reprogramming of metabolic setpoints. Some of these proposed pathways include inappropriate modulation of nuclear receptor function which therefore allows the compounds to be classified as endocrine disrupting chemicals that act to mimic hormones in the body, altering the normal homeostasis maintained by the endocrine system. 🍎Yet, many "foods" that we eat everyday, and higyene or healthcare products, including big pharma pills are full of obesogen chemicals. Not only obesogen chemicals, but carcinogenic and toxic compounds, such as pesticides, heavy metals, sanitizers, makeup chemicals and sunscreen chemicals.
In fact, these is a reason why many people with toxic diets cannot loose fat weight easily, while others are sick or getting sick.

This is another reason to go Vegan, one of 999999999999!
All animal products : MILK, EGGS, MEAT, PROCESSED MEATS, ETC, contain various chemicals classified as obesogens, carcinogenic chemicals: Arsenic, polychlorinated biphenyl (PCB), GLYPHOSATE, AMPA, perfluorinated chemicals in milk, eggs, gelatine and all types of meat, and mercury, plastic, petroleum, aluminum and even radiolytic compounds in fish. Unnecessary cholesterol and iron from animal products are also unhealthy.

Follow➡️ @environmentalistben and @environmentalistbenbackup 🔥🔥👉🏾Most common toxic ingredients in protein powders.
🤜🏾1-DYES, ARTIFICIAL COLORS: Such as Red 40, Tartrazine (Yellow 5), Blue, Sunset Yellow FCF, GREEN N.3 and indigotine. (To name some.) 🤜🏾2-Preservatives: To extend shelf life. Such as Sodium benzoate, ehich is also an endocrine disruptor and linked to many diseases.
🤜🏾3- Texturizers, emulsifiers, buffering and whipping agents: to achieve the desired thickness and mixability.
Such as: Dipotassium Ohosphate, Disodium Phosphate, Gum blends, which contain: Cellulose Gum, Xanthan Gum, carrageenan, purified CMC OR SODIUM carboxymethyl cellulose. Which can trigger Gastrointestinal disorders, bloating diarrhea, gas and colon damage.
Some are derived from GM wheat and soy.
🤜🏾4-Artificial Flavoring and sweeteners: Such as Aspartame, Acesulfame Potassium or Acesulfame-K, Sucralose or Splenda, Saccharin, Sorbitol, maltitol, corn syrup solids, etc.
Which are linked to: Asthma
🌰Brain tumors & brain cancer
🌰Irritable bowel syndrome
🌰Multiple Sclerosis
🌰Cancer (As it promotes the growth of carcinogen cells, and its metastasisspread and became more enhanced)
🌰Multiple Myeloma
🌰Non-Hodgkins lymphoma
🌰Liver diseases
🌰Neurodegenarative diseases
🌰Diabetes and low sugar attacks, or Hypoglycemia
🌰Autoinmune diseases
🌰Chron disease
🌰Breast cancer and adenomas
🌰Early puberty
🌰Hypofisiary and pineal gland damages
🌰Cushing syndrome (problems with kidney glands)
🌰Damage to the nervous system
🌰Difficulted neurogenesis
🌰Damage to the hippocampus
🌰Gastrointestinal problems 🌰AND MUCH MORE...
🤜🏾5-Animal protein (any), Soy protein and soy ingredients (organic and non gmo), soy oil is inflammatory and soy protein isolate is linked to cancer, for example.
🤜🏾6-Alkali processed COCOA: Its not pure cacao, its reduced in antioxidants and nutrients. Used to refuce its bitterness and darken the color.
🤜🏾7- Other chemicals: Such as Phenylalanine, polydextrose, potassium citrate, etc.
🤜🏾8-Tricalcium Phosphate (TPC), bone ash.

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Nutrients in HEMP SEEDS.
Minerals: (per 100gr)
·Calcium: 145mg.
·Iron: 14mg.
·Magnesium: 483mg.
Manganese: 7mg .
·Phosphorus: 1160mg.
·Potassium: 859mg.
·Zinc: 7mg.
Vitamins :(Per 100grams)
· Vitamin A: 3800 IU mg.
· Vitamin B1: 0.4mg.
· Vitamin B2: 0.11 mg.
· Vitamin B3: 2.8 mg.
· Vitamin B6: 0.12 mg.
· " Vitamin"D 22.77.5 IU mg.
· Vitamin E: 90 mg IU mg.

Because of its gamma linoleic acid (GLA) content, they can help treating and curing: ⬇️
-Skin allergies.
-Rheumatoid Arthritis, also reducing its symptoms by 25%.
-Obesity, leading to fat loss, muscle gain and weight maintaining.
-Multiple Sclerosis.
-High blood pressure and hypertension.
-Biabetes & diabetic neuropathy.
-Join pain.
-CANCER (all types): It naturally helps to increase the immune system function, decrease inlammation levels and alkalinize your cells and body.

Hemp, the seed that cures CANCER:
Because of its THC (tetrahidrocannabinol) content, the British Journal of Cancer, recognized they can stop and reverse glioblastoma multiforme (a dead,y type of brain cancer). It also helps with lung and breast cancer.

About the PROTEINS!
It contains all the 20 aminoacids that your body needs to be alive.
65% of its proteins are made up of the Globulin protein Edestin ( only found in Hemp), and 35% of albumin. Edestin aids digestion, is a relatively phosphorus free protein and is considered the backbone of the cells DNA.

it promotes vigorous cellular development with diverse health benefits:
-Helps regulating hormones, in man and women.
-Reduced cholesterol and blood pressure after three months -- with decreasing probability of stroke.
-Reduction of inflammation.
-More rapid recovery from injuries, diseases and radiation treatment.
-Improvement in circulation.
-More effective immune system with reduced incidence of all types of disease.
-Decreasing some diabetic people symptoms.

Skin health: Thanks to its polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFA), omega-3 and omega-6
More in the comments⬇️⬇️

1-PEG (Polyehtylene glycol) Used in conditioners, moisturizers, deodorants...
-Dangerous dioxin leveks have been found as a by-product of the ethoxykstion process, which higher the risk of cancer and other commons chronic diseases.

2-Propylene And Butylene Glycol: Petroleum plastics. 🔥EPA warns to prevent skin contact as it causes brain, liver amd kidney abnormalities. ➡️It is considered so toxic that it requires gloves, clothing, goggles & disposal by burying it.

3-😱Sodium Lauryl Sulfate & Sodium Laureth Sulfate, (SLS and SLES).
👉🏾Used in 90% of foaming beauty products, shampoos, soaps, floor cleaners and even toothpaste. ⚠️Also found in "natural" labeled products, such as TOM's toothpaste, which belongs to Colgate-Palmolive ‼️❌
-It can cause eye damage, liver and kidney damage, skin rashes, depression, diarrhea, gastrointestinal disorders and is linked to cancer and tumors.

4-Parabens, such as Methyl, Butyl, Ethyl and Propyl:
These are preservatives which arent always labeled in the ingredients list.
🚫Used in deodorants, shampoos, creams, makeup, etc.
✴️Powerful hormone disruptor. Increases risk of breast and prostate cancer, strongly linked to EARLY PUBERTY, GYNECOMASTIA, BIRTH DEFECTS AND ORGAN DAMAGE.

5-Triclosan 📌Its a synthetic antibacterial agent which alters hormone regulation, damage the intestinal microbiota, causing digestive disorders, such as IBS, permeable intestine syndrome, etc.
🖇Used as a pesticide and classified as a chlorophenol, meaning it can cause cancer‼️ 6-Sunscreen chemicals, such as Oxybenzone, Avobenzone, actinoxate, octisalate, octocrylene, homosalate and PABA.
❌All generate free radicals in the body, damaging DNA andincreasing cancer risk.

7- DMD HYDANTOIN & urea (Imidazolidin)
Formaldehyde releasing. Very toxic, can cause joint pain, depression, chest pain, allergies, dizzines, ear infections, skin reactions and even cancerous response depending on the dosis and circumstances.
8- Dioxines: Commonly used in makeup & nail polish.
Apart from antibacterial ingredients, such as Triclosan, PEGs, emulsifiers, sles and sls. Can cause depression, lowered immunity, damage to the organs, cancer, birth defects and other diseases.

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We have to understand that we are who keep them in power. 💣
And supporting their big corporations is one of the worst things we can do.
We CAN defeat them. We got to be visionary and brave. We are the majority. We are powerful because without us they would be nothing. 🛠
We should reveal against them.
Come on, just take a look to the world right now, their greed is polluting nature, but also our souls.
🔩Abou that, i will be posting and researching more and more on the elites, their history, plans, the way they do it, etc. 🔭
I will also post about Nikola Tesla, Keshe's generator and false history on books. 🛎
About this, i will start an account in spanish with all my posts translated!
So if you have friends who only speak spanish, tell them, because i will be starting the account in 1 or 2 weeks. It will be @environmentalistbenbackup, but i will change the name.

Meanwhile do your research too! 🔑Yesterday i just found a Google page called "Scribd" where you can read many books of any kind. (including THE ELITE, MK ULTRA MIND CONTROL, Real history and Nikola TESLA) 🗝Just write (In google) the name of the book you want to read and then "scribd". Example: "La historia de la casa de los Rothschild" Scribd. And it will direct you to the free complete book in great definition. You can also print them.
🙋🏻‍♂️Also, i hope you like my account and support my message please! Just sharing with your friends my posts and info is a great help! I am here for you and i truly love this work... One day we will change this world. ➡️Apart from all this, General Electric is one of the big 6 controls of mainstream media, controling Comcast, NBC, Universal Pictures, Focus feautures and more. So in that case you are paying to the Rockefeller and Rothschild to have cable. 🤷🏻‍♂️

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